Spy Pond Fishing Expedition

A few people had mentioned fishing at Spy Pond in recent weeks, and told us there was a playground, so we determined to check it out.
It was more urban than we are used to, and we were not convinced we would catch anything, but we were successful!

Our first catch

Eoin caught his first ever fish!

Eamon even tried his hand but he was being a punk about accepting help

Looking over to Papa and Conor


Entertainment at the Red Sox

My children have a tendency to be rather soul-destroying in their relentlessness to get what they want. Hence, the calling to go to Wally’s Clubhouse starts before we’ve even sniffed a hot dog and continues until it opens in the 3rd. I insist on seeing every Red Sox player at bat and then I usually cave in a crumpled heap.

Wally’s new friend Tilly

We tried the Virtual Reality Home Run Derby for the first time. A blast, and Conor had some 500+ hits!

All eyes actually focus on the game once they have had a chance to play!


I had a ton of mending to do. I was waiting for a NAP, a quiet moment, or a loud moment that would drown out my sewing machine. But I gave up waiting for the perfect moment and just got it done…

with some help…

Now, I’m not proud of this messy pile and the dirt on my rug, but I am proud of finally getting these things fixed!

In this pile: hand-me-downs that needed rehemming or slight holes fixed (proud of a torn button area that I machine-darned and reaffixed a button), fix a lace area on a nice top (a bit shoddy). I also was really challenged by a lovely sweater Papa bought in Italy but which the shop assistant switched as she packed it for him and it has moth holes!!! I think it’s a lost cause but he was willing to let me try…

Face Paint

Eoin has always loved all kinds of costumes. We were at a birthday party that had an awesome face painter and Eoin waited very patiently for his turn and for his very detailed application.

Another layer

I was obsessed with his golden eyelashes

Resizing a T-Shirt

We got a great Big Papi t-shirt as a Red Sox giveaway last year. I decided to try and downsize the XL so it could fit Conor. I tried to make it about a size 10, using an 8 as a model and being generous with cutting, but I neglected to be generous enough with the sleeves. I also kept it longer because I didn’t want to hem through the design.

Measuring and committing

Pinning the sleeves

I think I overcompensated the size because I didn’t want to make it too small!!!

This was a fun project. Nerve-wracking, but fun. It will fit Conor well in about a year. He wore it already, so that’s a great sign. I’m also pleased it fits me! A bit tight on the upper arms and shoulder, and a bit shoddy underarm, but I learned a lot!

Sun Pictures

When Papa stayed home to help me out after my knee surgery, I had to find some projects outside so he could attempt to do some work during the day. A lovely sunny day was perfect for making sun pictures! I got the idea from my Martha Stewart Living magazine last year. We tried it once last summer and it was a lot of fun.

I’m shocked they’re not touching it

Notice the Lego is now smashed

“Don’t touch Eamon!”

The pictures came out VERY well. I loved the effect that happened to the Lego because it was bulkier. There was a great shadow effect. I sent that to Dad for Father’s Day so I don’t have a picture of it.

The axe was moved by a boy’s foot so that one came out weird

We continued the sun theme by planting sunflowers