On Daddy’s Birthday

On Daddy’s Birthday we:

picked out a Christmas tree

Tested out the frosting

Helped blow out the candles


Messy Science

Does science in my house always have to end up this messy???

At least we were working with soap!

The experiment (making bath crayons) failed, but it was good (clean!) fun all the same!

Thank for taking the photo Conor!

Eamon Turned 2!

Eamon’s aunt Lena organized an awesome party at her house to celebrate Eamon’s 2nd Birthday. She hired a video game trailer so that all ages would be entertained. Adults and kids alike were having a blast with all the games!

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving in Nashville is all about family. The boys spend tons of time away from us playing with their cousins. It’s iPads, or sports, or toys…

Da boyz

The morning crew

I was delighted to spot an owl at Radnor Lake State Park

Hiking crew

Swedish Pancakes Operations Center

Ready for Kickball

Kickball action

We took up a whole row at the Predators game and that’s still not all of us…

Uncle Byron is obviously the “cool” uncle… What a way to finish off – with pumpkin pie…

Force of Nature

Eamon is really coming into his own. His speech is vastly improved, his sense of humor is even more fun, he’s mellower when the boys are at school… He can still be difficult but he is mostly fun and a joy to be around.

Discovering Thomas the Tank Engine

“All I Want for Christmas”

Eamon loves putting on shoes

Last time as a lap child on a plane

Gaming With Daddy

Playing games with baby and toddler Eamon has never been easy, but it seems like things are starting to improve… He still gets frustrated if he can’t participate, but he is more ……. tolerable …….

Pitch Car

Eamon can still make the experience a total disaster but it’s starting to become worth the hassle.

Painting With Boys

Painting the living room while my husband was away was pretty crazy. The furniture was everywhere, the boys wanted to “help”…

“Let’s be as close as we physically can be to mom without her freaking out entirely”

This looks promising…

I had to let the paint dry and open the windows to ventilate too so I decided to go and get an Irish breakfast in Dorchester and bring the boys to the Franklin Park Zoo while we were out there. It was the first COLD day of the fall. Brrrrr. Good thing we had sausages in our belly to keep us warm!

See you later alligator

It’s nice getting the zoo to yourself


We got a bushel of Honeycrisp apples this year. It was hard to fit them in the fridge (previously we got a half-bushel of Fujis that was easier to fit in!) The boys and hubby looooooove apples, and these are so amazing that I am even eating them (I tend to sacrifice my fruit for the boys’ consumption… I know, I’m working on it…)

Don’t drool on your screen