The Bruins Are Back

We went to game 2 of the season against the Colorado Avalanche with a group from school.

Hi Blades!

Nap time on Columbus Day

Watching the game

Awesome family outing


Topsfield Fair 2017

I took the boys to the Topsfield Fair on a school professional development half day. It was a little bit rainy, so it wasn’t too crowded. I’m not a fan of crowds.
Eamon loved the chickens, Eoin found the queen bee, and Conor was tall enough to go on the bumper cars for the first time! He also was certain this qualified him to own a Chevy…

Fall Fruits

My friend Judy and I resolved to get some bulk Concord grapes from my farm coop this fall. She lent me her steam juicer so I could get a head start for making jelly. I LOVED it!

Getting through a large batch, with banana bread also accomplished

I also asked a local neighbor if they were using the quince on their bush. They didn’t even know it was edible

Frankly, after all the work it took to prepare it all, with little to show except very sour mush, I’m inclined to agree with them!

The Season is Changing

Despite a very mild, warm September and October, there are still many small signs that the season is changing. We are back to lots of sports activities and can be found running around various places all week long.

Eoin is a totally different child in soccer this season

Waiting for Conor to get out of the shower at swimming

Watching Eoin at hockey

Conor is now in instructional cross-ice mites

It was definitely high time we picked up a pumpkin

Time to spookify

Yarn Bombing for Local Theatre

This summer I jumped at the opportunity to help out with yarn bombing for a play in our local theatre. I brought my icord machine that my sister-in-law Julie got for me in France to our final meeting. The ladies loved it and wanted to snap a picture!

Happy with yarn

The play is called Alligator Road, about a lady going through a midlife crisis who yarn bombs her hardware store. It was such a blast thinking outside the box for this. I made a green watering can spout “coozie” that you can just about spot in the background top right of this photo and I made a pink strip that I used to cover a large gallon jug of vinegar.

The set

I can’t wait to meet up with the yarn bombing ladies again and go to the play together!

The Summer of the Fence

Last fall we replaced our rotten fence and let it cure over the winter and spring. This summer I set about priming and staining it. With three boys, one of them a very busy toddler, a knee surgery, a husband with a lot of work travel, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I figured I would be done by the end of September, and I was right!

I was so happy when I turned this corner

During the summer I would sometimes bribe the boys to take care of their baby brother if he woke up too soon from his nap, but when September came along Eamon started to forgo naps altogether. I had to just let him loose in the yard and hope for the best.

He would frequently end up running around naked

I’m really proud of it