Keeping Busy with the Boys

March was a cold month. We kept busy with some new things, some old things, and lots of time indoors.

I let the boys use kinetic sand WITHOUT supervision!

Supporting the high school team losing the state final


I also got back into baking a little bit. I have been too tired or too busy following a toddler from one mess to the next, but things have settled a little now and I am taking some time to bake and even knit. I had some blueberries the boys wouldn’t eat but that I thought could make a nice scone. I was right!


Two Blizzards

We are on the other side of two back-to-back blizzards. The boys have had five straight days with no school (Thursday, Friday, Monday) ARGH! So here, for your perusal are many many photos of snow…

I was in serious need of some chocolate yesterday, so I got out the fondue pot and we had ourselves some yummy fruit. Yummy.

Thumbs up mom!

Did I get any in my mouth?

Yesterday the snow was a much heavier snow. Eamon was still not sure, but was mostly game.

This is deep Daddy

Four-Month Laceweight Project

The blog has been extraordinarily quiet knitwise. I was doing a secret project for my mother-in-law’s birthday, but it took a lot longer than I envisioned. It was laceweight mohair and incorporated a simple “spin stitch” effect, where you put the stitches on a cable needle and spin it either clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the row. It turned out really well.

Spin Stitch Scarf and Wrap by Churchmouse Yarns

Spin Stitch Scarf and Wrap

Both sides are pretty

A Knitter Not Keen on Kitties

I don’t fit some peoples’ stereotypical view of a knitter. I’m not all that into cats, so much so that I have avoided my newly renamed local yarn store since it changed its name to “The Lucky Cat”. It just does NOT speak to me…
On the other hand, a recent movement to knit pink “Pussy Hats” as a way to stand up for women’s interests in this newly changed political era prompted me to set aside any differences I had with cats. I do love pink after all.

I was unable to march, but I wore my hat in solidarity. I hope to use it in future, and also to enter it in my local fair this year – I do so rarely make anything that I keep and can therefore enter…

This Boy

While Papa has been away this week Eamon decided to step things up a little. Instead of only an occasional climbing attempt, he has taken it upon himself to use every opportunity to climb the dining table, the couch, the chairs, his brothers’ heads…
It is a busy time…