Bruins vs Predators

We caught a Bruins game at the TD Garden. It was nice to see the Predators in Boston. We usually try to catch a game in Nashville at Thanksgiving.

Bruins won 4-1


Tyrus’ Christening in South Carolina

My godson Tyrus had a birthday and christening celebration that I was lucky enough to attend with Eamon. It was really fun to catch up with family and get dolled up for a special occasion.

Eamon and mummy, Eamon sporting the handknit linen blend vest and bowtie I made Conor for Donal’s wedding

Tyrus and his smash cake

Eamon and Tyrus got on really great together

Happy to be there for my godson. Thanks Papa for holding the fort at home.

February in Ireland

During school vacation week we went to visit my family in Ireland. The fresh spring flowers brightened up even showery days. Anyway, people have developed solutions to wet bottoms from slides:

Took some guts but he was deterined!

The boys had a great time hanging out with their cousins in Limerick.

When we got back to Dublin we continued to pack things in as best as possible.

We tried to raid Mamo’s rock at the National Museum, and we saw the bog bodies.

We waited out a blustery shower in Dun Laoghaire.

At bowling and the arcade with Gemma

Eamon tried to destroy the his brother’s will

Eamon set his escape plan in motion at Airfield

Conor’s favorite tree at Airfield

But all too soon it was time to survive the flight home with Eamon the Energizer Bunny

General Jackson Showboat

My mother-in-law was celebrating a big-number birthday this year. She had an idea to bring the whole family on the General Jackson Showboat. It was a really fun outing! There was a tour of the pilot house, lunch, Country Christmas singing, and a lovely view.


We just about squeezed into the pilot house


Who’s the captain here?

Taking in the view

Checking out the paddles

Salisbury Beach

For Labor Day weekend I resolved to try out a new beach. Papa loves to get to the beach, and our recent attempts to go to Crane Beach or Good Harbor Beach (very popular New England beaches) have resulted in us being turned back by the traffic (not enough parking). The weather was cooler, so we needn’t have worried. People don’t turn out to the beach in huge numbers here if it’s below 80- but that’s not stopping us!!!


Conor constantly asks to play baseball


Me and my boys


What a crew


Eamon absolutely loves to jump in the waves


We couldn’t resist this mini golf course on our way home. Conor got a hole-in-one on this hole!

Overall a big hit. The waves were a little too much for smaller kids, but the sand was great for sandcastles and there is plenty of parking, a playground, camping, good grill spots, even fishing on the estuary side… We could make a day or even a weekend out of it if we camped one night.

A Day in Cambridge

It had been a very long time since we ventured into Cambridge to see Papa at work. After a lovely picnic lunch with Daddy we went to the great playground on the common.

We stayed at the playground for two hours, and I even met an old acquaintance of mine who was visiting from Ireland, just by chance! It was shocking to hear that her children were the same age as mine and were attending my old school!!! I’m surely not that old???!!!

A Week at the Lake

Eamon took his first plane ride this summer as we went to our cousins lakehouse in Minnesota.


It’s all water sports all the time here. Activities are constantly in flux as you can see (water trampoline, hot dog, dock jumping, jet ski, paddle board, kayaks… HEAVEN!


My boys coming back from fishing

That’s not to say there isn’t some downtime. JT cooks some amazing food, I try to bake some treats, and the kids have their heads over the iPads when it all  catches up to them.


Even Eamon can be persuaded to nap in Minnesota (thanks Farmor!)

The big new thing the boys tried this year was waterskiing with the training ski board. They were so brave!


The fishing was a challenge this year (they’re too well-fed in the lake by August!) but Conor caught one and James caught one, and they learned to gut the fish and Conor even ate his own fish!

We are so lucky we can enjoy this slice of heaven…

Red Sox Renditions

We had a blast all summer at various Red Sox games. We often go midweek so we can score nice tickets at a reasonable price. Tuesdays have giveaways – yay!


Eoin rocks the Big Papi look


It’s rare to get them all playing together in Wally’s Clubhouse


Getting ready for the big leagues

The Clubhouse has some virtual reality headsets where you can experience Spring Training virtually. I never manage to get a photo of it because the boys look so hilarious reacting in real time with these huge headsets on. I’m usually rolling on the floor laughing.

We certainly enjoyed David Ortiz’s retirement year and Conor is not as upset about it as we feared. We have been talking up some of the great younger players to get him excited about them too.

Oh, and naturally Wally is the main attraction…


There were a couple of nights where we actually didn’t go to the Clubhouse. One night it was closed for a private function,so we had extra time to do the other things on the concourse that I usually avoid so we can go back to daddy at our seats.

Conor had more speed but Eoin was right on target.


When the real Wally is not to be found

A Week in New York City

Papa had a meeting in New York.We tagged along for the ride, but all the work was up to me, because he was gone the whole time. I joked that we saw LESS of him than we usually do on a normal travel trip through Skype!!!


First we explored the playground at Central Park


And tried without success to find a playground on the High Line


Eamon had his first bus ride

We explored the Bronx Zoo, and many playgrounds. Eamon would be plonked down somewhere relatively free of leaves and mulch (his favorite food) and he practiced crawling. He started clapping and crawling in that one week.


We  had a fantastic day on the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. I loved being on it with the boys, and exploring all around.

The boys loved the “cannons”, the sleeping quarters, and the Exploreum.

It was a hot week in the city, but Papa had found us a hotel with a rooftop ool. Every afternoon we would return there to cool off.


On the Friday we went to Nelson Rockefeller park along the Hudson. It was lovely, with games you could borrow, a great playground, and proximity to the Irish Hunger Memorial and the 9/11 Memorial.

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On our last day we went to the New York Public Library. Eoin was delighted because he is a big Ghostbusters fan. After that we went to the Nintendo store and talked to a virtual Mario.