Bomb Cyclone

We all thought our Christmas break was far too short so we arranged for a massive storm to form out in the Atlantic and bring a foot of snow followed by a deep freeze…….. Yay long weekends! (But seriously, not that much yay… It was too cold to even enjoy the snow!)

Not much fun mommy-a!

The drifts were pretty impressive. It felt like they were up to three feet in places

Papa went out that night to tackle the snow before the deep freeze set in. We didn’t want to see what the three feet of plowed snow at the end of the driveway was like to shift once it was an iceberg


New England Aquarium

I try to do some nice things to keep the boys busy while Papa is away. We went to the aquarium since we hadn’t been in ages (the library doesn’t have museum passes for the aquarium in the summer).


Painting With Boys

Painting the living room while my husband was away was pretty crazy. The furniture was everywhere, the boys wanted to “help”…

“Let’s be as close as we physically can be to mom without her freaking out entirely”

This looks promising…

I had to let the paint dry and open the windows to ventilate too so I decided to go and get an Irish breakfast in Dorchester and bring the boys to the Franklin Park Zoo while we were out there. It was the first COLD day of the fall. Brrrrr. Good thing we had sausages in our belly to keep us warm!

See you later alligator

It’s nice getting the zoo to yourself


We got a bushel of Honeycrisp apples this year. It was hard to fit them in the fridge (previously we got a half-bushel of Fujis that was easier to fit in!) The boys and hubby looooooove apples, and these are so amazing that I am even eating them (I tend to sacrifice my fruit for the boys’ consumption… I know, I’m working on it…)

Don’t drool on your screen

Hike Around Horn Pond

Eamon and I found ourselves over near Horn Pond this week. We have fished here once, but I always wanted to hike around it. I didn’t want to go home after being stuck inside with a sick baby for a few days, so this was the perfect escape. A nice 45-minute 2-mile loop.

FAll reflection

Eamon was delighted to spot lots of birds. We saw ducks, swans, herons, cormorants, seagulls…

Topsfield Fair 2017

I took the boys to the Topsfield Fair on a school professional development half day. It was a little bit rainy, so it wasn’t too crowded. I’m not a fan of crowds.
Eamon loved the chickens, Eoin found the queen bee, and Conor was tall enough to go on the bumper cars for the first time! He also was certain this qualified him to own a Chevy…

Yarn Bombing for Local Theatre

This summer I jumped at the opportunity to help out with yarn bombing for a play in our local theatre. I brought my icord machine that my sister-in-law Julie got for me in France to our final meeting. The ladies loved it and wanted to snap a picture!

Happy with yarn

The play is called Alligator Road, about a lady going through a midlife crisis who yarn bombs her hardware store. It was such a blast thinking outside the box for this. I made a green watering can spout “coozie” that you can just about spot in the background top right of this photo and I made a pink strip that I used to cover a large gallon jug of vinegar.

The set

I can’t wait to meet up with the yarn bombing ladies again and go to the play together!