Day in Lowell

Conor took part in a baseball clinic at the Lowell Spinners. It included free tickets to that night’s game, so we decided to make a day of it in Lowell, and fill in the time between clinic and game with a trip to a park we have always wanted to check out as we pass on our way to a game.

Watching the pitcher to steal a base

Eoin looks good in the dugout

We got to play catch on the field before the game

We sure worked up an appetite for ice cream!

Rounding first

We had such a fun, full day: baseball clinic, Irish breakfast (for me!), splash park, National Park historic mills site, catch on the field, the game, the fun zone at the game, and running the bases at game end!


Spy Pond Fishing Expedition

A few people had mentioned fishing at Spy Pond in recent weeks, and told us there was a playground, so we determined to check it out.
It was more urban than we are used to, and we were not convinced we would catch anything, but we were successful!

Our first catch

Eoin caught his first ever fish!

Eamon even tried his hand but he was being a punk about accepting help

Looking over to Papa and Conor

Entertainment at the Red Sox

My children have a tendency to be rather soul-destroying in their relentlessness to get what they want. Hence, the calling to go to Wally’s Clubhouse starts before we’ve even sniffed a hot dog and continues until it opens in the 3rd. I insist on seeing every Red Sox player at bat and then I usually cave in a crumpled heap.

Wally’s new friend Tilly

We tried the Virtual Reality Home Run Derby for the first time. A blast, and Conor had some 500+ hits!

All eyes actually focus on the game once they have had a chance to play!

Baseball Obsession

Conor has always been obsessed with baseball but it really comes to the fore during Little League season. My blog (and my ability to cook healthy dinners) has certainly suffered from having two players this year (Conor in Rookie Ball, Eoin in T-Ball) but it is a delight to see Conor enjoying himself so much.

He likes first base, short stop, pitcher, and catcher positions

Check out the amazing organizational system the coach’s wife set up for each kid!

I spend most of my time chasing Eamon around, trying to catch glimpses of baseball action while fielding such comments as “He’s really fast”, or “You have your hands full”…

March for Science

There is a particular change in political climate that has happened for us this year. It impacts us in many ways, but since Papa is a scientist, we felt strongly that we should march on Earth Day to indicate how important we believe scientific research and education is for our society.

One thing that struck me when my children started to become obsessed with Pokemon Go was how important “evolution” is. So to save society and science we should just encourage our children to play Pokemon!

Eoin was very proud of his artistic impression of Mega Charizard X, which we put on the back. Good thing I laminated before we left. It was a rainy day at the march!


Papa has encouraged me to always stop and look at the fish counter when I am shopping. I am notoriously bad at buying fish (I had a fish bone phobia after a bone caught in my throat as a child), but he scored some cod on super sale recently which I enjoyed cooking, so I am trying harder. I saw some monkfish at an incredible price. I rarely even see it on sale here, let alone at a 40% discount. Darina Allen had a recipe I wanted to try, so I forged ahead.

It was involved (roasted red pepper sauce)

Papa was appreciative, but also eager to impart his knowledge. As a child his family simply dipped the monkfish in melted butter.

It was divine. There is no going back. It was like lobster, without getting itchy shell juice on my hands!

That same weekend we tried to see if the fish had woken up at Spot Pond.

All we caught was plastic debris that we gathered for the trash can

Conor held out for a bite but it wasn’t to be