Hike Around Horn Pond

Eamon and I found ourselves over near Horn Pond this week. We have fished here once, but I always wanted to hike around it. I didn’t want to go home after being stuck inside with a sick baby for a few days, so this was the perfect escape. A nice 45-minute 2-mile loop.

FAll reflection

Eamon was delighted to spot lots of birds. We saw ducks, swans, herons, cormorants, seagulls…


Topsfield Fair 2017

I took the boys to the Topsfield Fair on a school professional development half day. It was a little bit rainy, so it wasn’t too crowded. I’m not a fan of crowds.
Eamon loved the chickens, Eoin found the queen bee, and Conor was tall enough to go on the bumper cars for the first time! He also was certain this qualified him to own a Chevy…

Yarn Bombing for Local Theatre

This summer I jumped at the opportunity to help out with yarn bombing for a play in our local theatre. I brought my icord machine that my sister-in-law Julie got for me in France to our final meeting. The ladies loved it and wanted to snap a picture!

Happy with yarn

The play is called Alligator Road, about a lady going through a midlife crisis who yarn bombs her hardware store. It was such a blast thinking outside the box for this. I made a green watering can spout “coozie” that you can just about spot in the background top right of this photo and I made a pink strip that I used to cover a large gallon jug of vinegar.

The set

I can’t wait to meet up with the yarn bombing ladies again and go to the play together!

Squeezing in Summer with Farmor

At the end of July Farmor came to visit! We had glorious weather so we could make the most of her visit and show off Boston in Summer, with no school restraints.

But first, Swedish pancakes

We picked the warmest day for a trip to Crane Beach.

Eoin and I had fun finding shells and making a sandcastle

Eoin and Eamon loved digging in the wet sand

Conor played baseball… endlessly…

The next morning we went fishing at Spot Pond.

Eamon helped Eoin land a fish


That evening we brought Farmor to see the Red Sox. We tried the Virtual Reality Home Run Derby. Conor got on the leaderboard, with the longest home run to boot!

The final day of Farmor’s visit we took the ferry to George’s island, in Boston Harbor. Conor requisitioned my phone for (garbled, unusable, out-of-focus, videos for) his YouTube channel so this was the only photo I got!

Looking out to the harbor

We walked past the Rose Kennedy Greenway splashpad and I actually had the boys’ swim gear – a first! Glad I was prepared for all eventualities…


Filling Summer with Outings

I tried to keep us all busy during the summer, especially when Papa had a long trip to Korea in July. We had some great playdates with friends.

I’m not sure how, but we had the playground to ourselves at Stone Zoo with Mark

We went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time ever with Alex

The sandlot league kept us busy

We had the Hall Memorial Pool to ourselves on a cloudy morning

Of course with three boys an empty playground still feels overrun…

We hiked into Breakheart Reservation for a swim and a picnic

Hiking selfie

Eamon went down a tunnel slide for the first time

We had a movie night with friends

Our excursion for coffee included a playground, a library, and a bakery

And then Daddy came home bearing gifts

Summer Library Programs

Our local library has some good events throughout the summer to keep the kids engaged. Papa was in Korea in July when I figured I could probably survive some woodworking with the boys. We brought our own brand of crazy to the proceedings, but it was great feeling of accomplishment.

The boys were great at taking turns with the hammer

Eamon started to paint himself at the end…