March Nor’Easter

Two storms in a week, with another possible in four days??? The first one was just rain for us, this one was about 10 inches of HEAVY snow.

The trees bent over and created a car cave

Our neighbors came to play


My Curious Creature

Eoin loves to learn about animals, science, nature…

We survived February Vacation Week thanks to lots of great programs organized by our local YMCA. This one was pure Eoin.

First Reconciliation and a Wedding

On February 3 Conor had his First Reconciliation. He was nervous, but it was a lovely ceremony and he did great.

A cosy chat?

Later that day Papa and I were invited to a friend’s wedding. It was a curling-themed wedding, with some gaming thrown in. Fantastic fun, and it was wonderful for both of us to get out by ourselves.

First dance

Long Day at the Arena

On a recent Saturday Eamon grabbed a nap while he could. Conor had practice at 12, Eoin had practice at 3.

He woke up when they tested the buzzer for the high school game

Papa was out of town so we stayed at the arena for the high school boys game. They are having a great season!

Conor was incredibly excited to get a puck that came over the glass. I had to save the boys twice from errant pucks! Mom-of-the-year award please…

Of course, when we get home they all still haven’t had enough!

Some Time in Salem

I had an allergist appointment in Salem because my hands are still in tatters. I love to visit the Peabody Essex Museum. There was a small Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit and then Eamon and I enjoyed exploring the hands-on station.

Make your own crazy animal (with funky magnetic pieces)


Bomb Cyclone

We all thought our Christmas break was far too short so we arranged for a massive storm to form out in the Atlantic and bring a foot of snow followed by a deep freeze…….. Yay long weekends! (But seriously, not that much yay… It was too cold to even enjoy the snow!)

Not much fun mommy-a!

The drifts were pretty impressive. It felt like they were up to three feet in places

Papa went out that night to tackle the snow before the deep freeze set in. We didn’t want to see what the three feet of plowed snow at the end of the driveway was like to shift once it was an iceberg