Mending Jersey-Lined Sweatpants

Conor has been wrecking the knees of both his new hand-me-down pants as well as newer pants I’ve bought. I decided to attempt to fix up two pairs of old pants that had ripped straight across the outer fabric but still had intact jersey lining.
I couldn’t turn these inside out, so I turned the rips in on each other and did a zigzag stitch along it. It is raised, but it is neat.

The other pair actually had such a frayed cuff that I was able to turn it inside out through the cuff. The rip was much worse, but was neater to mend because I could turn it inside out. I also darned two holes on the other leg, and then when I was all done I noticed a rip on the Butt!!! Needless to say, this pair is now in the emergency change of clothes stash in the car.

Rips and tears


Early Morning Crafting

It’s hard to get any time for my favorite hobbies any more, but this one had a deadline. Eamon woke up super early one morning and promptly conked out on me. I grabbed my embroidery and got ‘er done…

It was a gift for my awesome sister- and brother-in-law – an embroidered depth chart of the lake in Minnesota where they invite us to stay

It was warmly received!

It has a jet ski and hot dog, a catfish, a campfire, a pelican and a loon


I had a ton of mending to do. I was waiting for a NAP, a quiet moment, or a loud moment that would drown out my sewing machine. But I gave up waiting for the perfect moment and just got it done…

with some help…

Now, I’m not proud of this messy pile and the dirt on my rug, but I am proud of finally getting these things fixed!

In this pile: hand-me-downs that needed rehemming or slight holes fixed (proud of a torn button area that I machine-darned and reaffixed a button), fix a lace area on a nice top (a bit shoddy). I also was really challenged by a lovely sweater Papa bought in Italy but which the shop assistant switched as she packed it for him and it has moth holes!!! I think it’s a lost cause but he was willing to let me try…

Resizing a T-Shirt

We got a great Big Papi t-shirt as a Red Sox giveaway last year. I decided to try and downsize the XL so it could fit Conor. I tried to make it about a size 10, using an 8 as a model and being generous with cutting, but I neglected to be generous enough with the sleeves. I also kept it longer because I didn’t want to hem through the design.

Measuring and committing

Pinning the sleeves

I think I overcompensated the size because I didn’t want to make it too small!!!

This was a fun project. Nerve-wracking, but fun. It will fit Conor well in about a year. He wore it already, so that’s a great sign. I’m also pleased it fits me! A bit tight on the upper arms and shoulder, and a bit shoddy underarm, but I learned a lot!

Growth Chart

I have been working on my own idea for a cross stitch growth chart for about four years. I finally stopped kidding myself that I would ever catch up before hanging it up. It feels good to have it on the wall.

I stitch the boys’ favorite things for each year

Halloween with a Trio

Eamon’s first Halloween was a joy. I took on way too much by acquiescing to making two Pokemon costumes, so I got very stressed at times, but the work was worth it, especially seeing Eoin’s joy in his costume.


Grandpa David sent awesome pyjamas (and treats!)

Conor wanted to be Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Most elements were easy (pants, shoes) but I had to make a shirt, with a collar! It was fun to explore new sewing techniques, but I must admit I was scared until I tried it. I also cut down some one-dollar gloves and sewed them so they wouldn’t fray, and I made three Pokeballs out of fleece because I knew he would be throwing them at his brother!


Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

We had great fun at the school Halloween party with these costumes and of course also on Halloween itself. I KNEW all my work for Eoin was worth it when he brought back a drawing from school: “What I want to be for Halloween”


Eoin as “Charizard” from Pokemon

Eamon took everything in his stride, enjoying the excitement.


He was a big fan of the pumpkin ring toss


But to be honest he wasn’t terribly impressed by being confined to a stroller for trick-or-treating… He seemed to want to join his brothers ringing doorbells!

The Lego Containment System

Now that Eamon is getting ever closer to mobility (see Exhibit A) I have been keen to get a Lego Containment System started.


Exhibit A

A number of weeks ago I worked on a Lego bag and play mat that could gather up all the pieces quickly should a quick crawler be in the vicinity. We were also sick of standing on little Lego pieces. The baby play toys were encroaching on the Lego area so a change was due.


Something needs to change!

So I moved all the Legos into the other living room and had a construction challenge to test out the mat. We had a lot of fun!


I probably used the wrong material (duck cloth canvas) for the play mat because it is too difficult to cinch up, but I made do and added some snaps to make gathering easier and it is a workable solution. All the color-sorted boxes fit in beside Papa’s games, and two new boxes of loose Legos that came from Karen are perfect for “random” building projects. The little drawers hold studs, rods, and body pieces.


Sand Scrubber Bags

We have a great sand remover in our house that we bring to the beach, called a Powder Pouch. I think I got it four years ago from One Step Ahead and we have not had to refill it yet. It is basically a cotton bag filled with talcum powder that you rub on your skin and the sticky sand falls away. Genius!

We are putting together beach bags for the preschool teachers this year, so I resolved to sew the two teachers each a pouch.


Cutting up an old summery t-shirt

I used the serged edge of the t-shirt as the flap to go over the velcroed seal.


Here’s how I pinned it, then I put the right sides together and sewed down the length of it, with the velcro edges at the top.


I used leftover blackout fabric instead of faux leather for little bags to keep the pouches in so that the talc doesn’t get everywhere.


Just needs talc, and ties for the protective bags

Valentine’s Hearts

With two boys in school now Valentine’s has become a serious business. Assembling all the cards for everyone in class, writing names (I discovered Eoin could write his name!), remembering when to bring them in to school…

In addition to all that I took on an extra project because Eoin’s preschool teacher asked her room moms to think up some activities for a Valentine’s party. I got some cool ideas on pinterest, but it was kind of tiring and stressful to complete. I am very proud of it though.

I took this Bean Bag Toss idea to another level, by also sewing the heart. I had cute heart fabric from Papa’s aunt Suzi (also seen in our Christmas stockings), a tiny bit of leftover red from Crafty Staci, brown flannel that I had intended for a blanket and a red JoAnn’s fleece remnant that I had randomly picked up.


Stealing time during a nap…

The heart turned out really nice. The kids enjoyed the activity too, though the bean bags could have done with more weight. I used acrylic pellets from JoAnn’s as well as stuffing and they just weren’t heavy enough.


On the other side of the fabric I sewed out a Tic Tac Toe grid, inspired by this blog.


The party went well at the school. The kids got really into throwing, and I was able to entertain the one group that tired of the throwing a little bit longer by flipping it and showing them the Tic Tac Toe side.