Knitting for a Niece

I finished a little baby sweater for my soon-to-be-niece before Thanksgiving so I could gift it in Nashville. Now little Blake has arrived and is rocking her sweater! Another niece for me!

I can’t wait to meet this cutie

Pattern is Abagail Sweater, yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle Effect DK.


Alligator Road Yarn Bombing

On Thursday I got to meet up with the lovely yarn bombing ladies again. We went to the Greater Boston Stage Company’s production for Alligator Road and got to see all our work in action!

The set

We got free tickets and were treated to wine and cheese beforehand (I would have arrived earlier if I had known! I was rushing out the door as usual!)

My pink jug and green watering can are both in this picture

The play touched on a lot of themes like race, feminism, sexism, mother-daughter relationships… It was excellent, and for a person who wrote a thesis on intermediality, the intersection of fiber and dramatic theater was not lost on me.

Yarn Bombing for Local Theatre

This summer I jumped at the opportunity to help out with yarn bombing for a play in our local theatre. I brought my icord machine that my sister-in-law Julie got for me in France to our final meeting. The ladies loved it and wanted to snap a picture!

Happy with yarn

The play is called Alligator Road, about a lady going through a midlife crisis who yarn bombs her hardware store. It was such a blast thinking outside the box for this. I made a green watering can spout “coozie” that you can just about spot in the background top right of this photo and I made a pink strip that I used to cover a large gallon jug of vinegar.

The set

I can’t wait to meet up with the yarn bombing ladies again and go to the play together!

Tyrus’ Christening in South Carolina

My godson Tyrus had a birthday and christening celebration that I was lucky enough to attend with Eamon. It was really fun to catch up with family and get dolled up for a special occasion.

Eamon and mummy, Eamon sporting the handknit linen blend vest and bowtie I made Conor for Donal’s wedding

Tyrus and his smash cake

Eamon and Tyrus got on really great together

Happy to be there for my godson. Thanks Papa for holding the fort at home.

Four-Month Laceweight Project

The blog has been extraordinarily quiet knitwise. I was doing a secret project for my mother-in-law’s birthday, but it took a lot longer than I envisioned. It was laceweight mohair and incorporated a simple “spin stitch” effect, where you put the stitches on a cable needle and spin it either clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the row. It turned out really well.

Spin Stitch Scarf and Wrap by Churchmouse Yarns

Spin Stitch Scarf and Wrap

Both sides are pretty

Still a Premier Knitwear Model

I might not be able to get Eamon to do everything I want, but I can still get him to wear knitwear! Since I know this phase will last a very short time (comparative to the time and effort put in!!!) I am using every opportunity.

Marcia’s Pembroke Karen’s handiwork

By the way, if you notice my images being displayed in all different ways over the next while, some shoddy, some slightly askew, I am having to play around with CSS, tables, etc, because wordpress changed its “upload by URL” feature to actually upload images, hence maxing out my storage allocation. So now I am writing the HTML myself, sourcing my images from flickr (which is what wordpress was supposed to be doing!!!) but wordpress doesn’t want to read my “styling” points, so it’s a bit old skool, with coding hacks off various helpful sites.

Getting Back to Knitting

With my pregnant self having decided that knitting made me nauseous and then a quite considerable baby haze (sleep-deprivation) lasing until only a couple of months ago, I got NO knitting done.

My wonderful knitting friend Una (who has made me some lovely baby gifts!) just had a baby girl during the summer, and I vowed I would get something knit for her. The first project (started before baby girl arrived) was turning out too boyish and I determined that I would not have enough yarn, so I had to scrap it. The second choice had to be something faster, that I could send soon…

Well, my gauge was All Wrong. The hat turned out too big (age 3 or 4). So then I made mittens for a toddler size too (thanks Teresa for the idea!) but when I finished the second mitten it was smaller despite having the same amount of rows! I think I

a) changed the needle size to US5 by mistake or

b) went back to my tighter knitting style as I got back into the groove of knitting or

c) both of the above

I could not contemplate reknitting the second (or first?) mitten, or the hat, so I am glad Una is a knitter and will hopefully understand why she got such a flawed product…


And everybody loves purple


Eamon’s Christening

We had a lovely gathering for Eamon’s christening on September 18. Since everyone had a long way to travel for it we made a weekend out of it and went to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester on Saturday, then the christening was on Sunday. Eamon had a fever close to 103, which was rather scary, but he was pretty great considering, and got over it by Monday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t know if it’s at all noticeable, but I managed to get three knits into the celebration. The crocheted blanket my Nana made me before I even had a boyfriend, the knitted vest I made for Conor for Donal and Julie’s wedding, and my Chinese silk beaded shawl that went perfectly with my new dress!

Farmor got all the boys Viking jerseys in celebration of Eamon’s christening, and the game was even on Sunday Night Football! We shed our fancy clothes and turned purple for the rest of the day!


Matching Preemie Donation

I wanted to give back a little to the hospital where I delivered Eamon. I called their NICU because I love making preemie hats and they said they needed blankets sized 20 inches by 20 inches. I am terrible at knitting blankets, but I thought I could manage a small one! Wrong! This took me forever, but I did start it just before I lost my knitting mojo with my pregnancy…


Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown

I had some leftover yarn so I made some Barleys by reducing the number of cast-on stitches in increments of 12.