Gaming With Daddy

Playing games with baby and toddler Eamon has never been easy, but it seems like things are starting to improve… He still gets frustrated if he can’t participate, but he is more ……. tolerable …….

Pitch Car

Eamon can still make the experience a total disaster but it’s starting to become worth the hassle.


Auf die Schätze, fertig, los!

Even with Papa away I got a specific request for the “game with a giraffe and crocodile and zebra”. It’s too early yet for the rules, but Papa would have been VERY proud of both boys on this one.


Getting some skills

If you look at the picture on the card by Eoins left hand, it’s exactly the pattern Conor made. I love this game for how it makes you think so much. Conor also figured out the card for ordering the animals by numbers and pictures much better this time.

Papa has definitely raised a pair of gamers!

Advantages of Receiving Board Games in the Mail Video Series, Part D

While Papa was away, these arrived…

Conor has been asking to open them all week…

Papa came home last night, so it was time to see what they contained. Before you ask, Yes, I despise packing peanuts. I absolutely loathe them. We have an agreement that Papa cleans up ALL packing peanuts if Conor is allowed to play in them. Here he is, discovering wind resistance.

From Conor



Lazy Sunday

Papa and Conor lazed in our new LaZBoy recliner…

One of the most comfortable things ever

Mama made pancakes…

I'm a big boy!

Karen caught Conor and me heading out to the playground in our new mode of transportation and took a photo for us.

Great going there, but it's all uphill on the way back!

Papa stayed home and played a train game with a new gaming friend. Super Sunday all around.


The games fit in our new cabinets! There’s barely an inch of space for any more games, but that’s a Tetris game for another day!

To the right

And to the left

The house is really improved with the changes. The basement is benefiting from one set of the old shelves taking back some floor space, and the recycling tubs have gone on the other set of shelves in the garage. More space all around!