Cross Stitch

Gift for a Knitter

My friend Una (she who got engaged) just got married to Roger on July 4! We missed the wedding unfortunately, but I had been thinking of them both for about two months anway as I worked away on a gift for them.

Since Una and Roger got engaged in the Adirondacks, I wanted to do a cross stitch picture with two Adirondack chairs, and I found this Mill Hill beaded kit that was pretty perfect. It had seed beads and MICRO seed beads… Phew! But Una is a knitter, so I knew she would understand the love and care that was poured into it for her and for Roger.

It was totally worth it


Keeping Busy

We areĀ  beginning to embrace the more-or-less forced indoors habitat that Winter is heralding. The boys are enjoying more Playdoh and crafts these days.

Water painting

And Conor is learning to knit

I have a lot of projects on the go right now, which always makes me uneasy. Take a look at all my project bags!

Conor’s “knitting”, mystery project, cross stitch growth chart, finished project to be put away, current project

I guess it is not as bad as it seems since two of those bags do not count as projects (however the big blue bag has two unfinished projects in it!) I have been choosing quick projects (without sleeves!) lately, because many friends and family have babies due over the next few months. I recently finished an Abagail Sweater by Kay Squared with Plymouth Dreambaby DK for Nico’s baby due in January. I also just finished my first Milo by Georgie Hallam, also in Dreambaby DK, for a neighbor’s shower tomorrow. Both projects took less than a skein of Dreambaby DK for the 6 months size! Karen made Eoin a gorgeous Milo two years ago, so I knew it would be incredibly cute and useful. I immediately cast on another one for another neighbor due in April. They like Star Wars, so to make it sufficiently different from their next door neighbor I will add an R2D2 motif. I made two flannel blankets for those neighbors’ babies too. It has been an age since I made those blankets so I got great satisfaction out of such a quick and cute project.

Abagail, Milo, Alligators for Milo 1, Puppies for Milo 2

Next up is a project for my cousin’s baby, due very soon (I am waiting for gender on that one… I think I will make something with sleeves since the baby will be residing in England!) I also want to make a red hat for Conor (requested!!!) and a blue hat for Eoin (requested!!!) I am so thrilled to have actually gotten a request from my boys! Conor was seriously bummed when I was making a purple baby sweater, when he wanted a red hat. Score! I also want to make more progress on the growth chart in time for the boys’ birthdays in February and April. A lot of work!!!

Waiting for the Post

So apparently Lena only got her headband on SUNDAY!!! Her neighbors had received it by error and they brought it over to her – no wonder there was no selfie.

I am waiting on confirmation of arrival of packages in Sweden and Spain before I can reveal my post recent knitting projects. I am really proud of them and can’t wait to share.

Right now I’m doing a little sweater that will go to the same recipient in Sweden (I can’t resist knitting tiny projects for preemies…) and I have taken out my growth chart for the boys. I am cross stitching Pooh and Bowser (Conor, age 2). Next up is a fire truck (Eoin, age 2). That boy could make us SO much money if we hired him out as a fire siren.

Cast On

I finished Mike Wazowski on Tuesday night. I was eager to get him finished that night because I was feeling a little burned out. I have now finished the boys’ themes for 0 and 1 years of age.

Certain areas need filling in of course

The buttons you see are from the boys’ sweaters that I knit. They seem a bit out of place but I will keep thinking about it…

I have plenty of ideas for Conor for ages 2 and 3, but Eoin is naturally still a work in progress.

So I was pretty delighted when my friend had a baby boy and posted an adorable picture on Wednesday morning. I cast on immediately. I hadn’t knitted in three months! My hands did okay for a while with my self-imposed cross stitch therapy but then they just got bad again and I have had trouble with my ring and middle finger on my right hand for two months. It just won’t shift. A visit with the dermatologist confirmed that I definitely need not give up knitting.

So I’m a very happy knitter. But I would definitely like to be caught up on my growth chart, and put a nice hem on the whole thing and hang it up!

Sirdar Snuggly Baby Speckled DK 1356

I almost have the back finished… And my hands are so out of practice that I find myself cramping up…

Growth Chart

Here is a terrible staging to give you an idea of the growth chart.

Choo choo

I was so surprised that the boys were two inches apart at birth but only half an inch at one year. We will see next week what the two-year mark is

I was so surprised that the boys were two inches apart at birth but only half an inch at one year old


Frozen has taken over our lives ever since I brought the movie home in a prize basket from Conor’s school fundraiser auction. The boys call it “Ice” and after we watch it they say “Ice again” and when we are in the car we listen to the Ice music…

Conor’s friend from school had a birthday party this weekend and apparently told her parents she had too many toys??? She wanted everyone to do an “act of true love” instead. You can guess from that quote that Frozen is a big thing in her life too (Of course, I didnt get that until I had seen the movie once, or ten times…)! You should have SEEN the party ideas! (I especially loved this Olaf In a Bowl).

I had trouble figuring out how to give a little token gift until I hit on a Heifer International donation. Conor chose a share of a goat. I thought it would be something tangible that his friend could appreciate. I also decided to make her a snowman who could not melt…

Hi, I’m Olaf!

So, I still haven’t showed you my big cross stitch project, but this one is certainly extremely current!!!

Cross Stitch Enabling

I had to give knitting a break because of my cracked skin on my hands so I decided to work on a large project I started four years ago that will be a growth chart for the boys, detailing their interests and milestones along with their height. When you’re designing something yourself it helps to have a clear idea of what colors you have already and what you might need, so I bought a box and some bobbins and have been winding for a week.

This pile is actually much reduced from the original

The messiest part is already all tidied in the box – the odds and ends from the kits I’ve done.


I am almost finished sorting and will try and stage a nice photo of the growth chart soon. It’s long and unwieldy and crumpled so it’s not an easy photoshoot!

Oh, and by the way, my hands got cracked again without any knitting activity, so I will probably go back to knitting as soon as I am caught up on this project. I think it was a reaction to cleaning the bathroom without gloves on… And the COLD coming back!

Spotted in the Wild

Conor wore his jersey all day. I’m definitely feeling more positive about it. I am disappointed by the weight of the yarn. I chose a very heavy weight, yet it’s a t-shirt jersey… I wanted the *right* green for an Ireland rugby jersey though. It worked well with the long-sleeve t-shirt underneath however, so I think I will keep it and not rip it all out like I had been thinking.

Especially when he looks so cute...

He had a couple of compliments also, but not at the Bruins game we went to last night – it’s not black and gold after all! Here is a picture of us, spotted in the wild, on the Bruins website.

Another animal caught in the wild recently (actually finished way back in August, but only hung up this weekend!!!) is Hutch, from Wallace and Gromit. I started him in Germany, originally making him for W, but he doesn’t like to take things into his office that I have put a lot of effort in to. He hates how I never make things for myself, so he said he would prefer if I could see it every day – so Conor gets it! It looks best in his room too.


I know, shock horror it’s Cross Stitch!!! But what about the knitting?! Well, I was tidying up my crafts and found lots of cross stitch projects I had high hopes for before I started back to knitting. Hutch had to be finished first though. Finishing him spurred me on to designing my own project for a height chart for the family. There are train tracks marking out the inches, each child will have a carriage on a train with their own colour, and their height will be marked off in their colour every year. I will put little symbols also (well, that’s the plan), like if Conor is into dinosaurs at age 3 there will hopefully be a mini dinosaur by his height at that time too!

Finished Project

I didn’t finish the Christmas cross stitch project over the weekend because I was down at the telescopes so much, but I finished it tonight instead (I only had one student turn up for one of my classes, so it was a much easier class). I just have to put the backing and hanging ribbon on now.

I really enjoyed working with beads for the first time

I really enjoyed working with beads for the first time