Conor Turned 8!

My boy is getting big! He wanted a sports party again (no surprise there!) The YMCA delivered. We were delighted and everyone had a blast.

They played hockey

And baseball

I had learned from my buttercream fiasco and went with my favorite texas sheet cake with Perler bead toppings

I realize now why I like knitting, cross stitch and perler beads so much. I am not a freehand crafter… It figures – I’ve always been terrible at drawing.


Dr Seuss at School

Myself and two other moms got a request out of the blue a month ago. Could we organize Dr Seuss crafts for every grade for a Dr Seuss week at the school library? WHAT??!! I don’t even like Dr. Seuss!!!
(Still, any excuse for crafting, right?)
I spent most of my off time during February Vacation Week making crafts for the Kindergarten and 3rd Grade. Kindergarten was reading 10 Apples Up On Top so I did all math-based activities. I don’t have any pictures but I made stress balls using red balloons and kinetic sand, for stacking and balancing on the kids’ heads.
I got my creative juices flowing by making some truffula tree decorations for the school library.

Conor is not very enthusiastic, yet…

They looked great in the reading corner

For Third Grade I made a Sneetches craft where there was a pull tab to pull up and down to mimic a Star Off/Star On Machine

I used this YouTube video to figure out how to do it.

The circle punch in the picture was wishful thinking. Why do those punches only extend half an inch? I ended up using my craft knife to cut out 50 circles in Sneetches tummies…
The third graders made light work of the craft. I had worked hard to make sure there were really good instructions but they rocked it much better than I expected.

Star On

It was really fun being at the school so much. It was hard with a toddler (which is why I don’t usually volunteer during school time) but it was good as a once-off.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 loved seeing me at school

But when we had to come back in at nap time on Friday for one last class, it was all too much for Eamon

Preparing for Halloween

For Halloween I bought a hot dog costume, and I had a request for a “red Mario ghost from Luigi’s Mansion”. Eamon had no option whatsoever since I was determined that he would wear the awesome Bowser costume I made for Conor five years ago.
Eoin’s red ghost costume was harder than I expected. I probably overthought it, and added netting, and lighting…

My brain is burning

We made our way to the school Halloween party. We had helped out earlier by making a fishing game, cracking glowsticks, decorating the gym…

Don’t expect any photos from the party, it is INSANE!

Attaching the stalk to the pumpkin

Freestyle spider web

On Saturday our town had its annual Halloween Stroll. The TV station has awesome green screen pictures ready for the costumes. See if you can find the “real” hot dog!?


Eamon had to go around the stroll TWICE so his hockey-practicing brothers could each get a turn. Needless to say he exhibited a pure sugar crash at the end.

I Defeated Bowser!

On Sunday it was high time we carved our pumpkins. I had a blast helping the boys pick their own design.

Some boys liked the pumpkin guts more than others…

We have a spooky, a King Boo, and an angry pumpkin

On Halloween we went to a neighborhood party then hit up the neighborhood. I never manage photos of trick-or-treating, but it was a lot of fun. We even managed more houses as the boys are getting older.

PS. Eoin ended up being a ninja for real Halloween. The red costume had wearability issues…

Summer Library Programs

Our local library has some good events throughout the summer to keep the kids engaged. Papa was in Korea in July when I figured I could probably survive some woodworking with the boys. We brought our own brand of crazy to the proceedings, but it was great feeling of accomplishment.

The boys were great at taking turns with the hammer

Eamon started to paint himself at the end…

Sun Pictures

When Papa stayed home to help me out after my knee surgery, I had to find some projects outside so he could attempt to do some work during the day. A lovely sunny day was perfect for making sun pictures! I got the idea from my Martha Stewart Living magazine last year. We tried it once last summer and it was a lot of fun.

I’m shocked they’re not touching it

Notice the Lego is now smashed

“Don’t touch Eamon!”

The pictures came out VERY well. I loved the effect that happened to the Lego because it was bulkier. There was a great shadow effect. I sent that to Dad for Father’s Day so I don’t have a picture of it.

The axe was moved by a boy’s foot so that one came out weird

We continued the sun theme by planting sunflowers

Teresa The Enabler

My friend Teresa is the most skilled enabler of craftiness I have ever met. She has a wonderful knack of justifying all manner of yarn purchases and woolly activities. So when the boys and I had her over to dinner a couple of weeks ago I was not surprised (and entirely delighted) that she had brought crafty things for the boys to do. They took one look at the gorgeous white pumpkins she brought them and they knew they had to be a different color. Now, while I love to be crafty with the boys I rarely do it because of the mess and the decibel level to which my voice rises… But this was FUN!


More paint please!!!

We have also had tons of fun with the Halloween stickers and Eoin and I took ownership of the really cool stained glass painting crafts – a Frankenstein, a vampire, and a pirate, ARR!

Sun Pictures

This summer in Boston has been hot hot hot. What to do when there is a drought and never any clouds? Make sun pictures of course!


Lay down your special photo paper, then your items (a snake skin and a Big PapiĀ  gold chain), then plexiglass


Give them a bath in water with a squirt of lemon

Next step: Put them in a large book to get flat then forget which one they’re in and be unable to show the blog…