Discovery Night

On April 6 the school organized an exceptional evening focused on acknowledging all the different cultural, religious, neurological and family differences and similarities in our school community. I don’t have much to show for it on the blog, because I was pretty busy! I made a poster about traveling internationally, made Irish scones for the food tasting and I was asked to do videography again.

Ton of scones

The night was a great success. I particularly liked the “neurodiversity zone” that showcased all the various learning tools that can tailor learning to students needs. There was a ton of hands-on and sensory tools to try out and all the families were highly engaged.
The video is much more difficult to edit. There were so many themes on the night, and each grade had a different project to document… I have been going to the local TV station during Eamon’s naptime, trying to use the editing software without getting too many pins and needles…

While he sleeps…


Television: A New Skill

As a stay-at-home mom I tend to seek out opportunities for volunteering that fit my busy schedule. At the December PTO meeting I volunteered to videotape the Winter Concert, using equipment from our local TV station. I didn’t QUITE realize the time that would be involved, but I am really delighted I forged ahead with this project. I have some background in media from my Masters degree but I did not have any technical expertise.
At Stoneham TV I got taught how to use the camera and sound equipment and then once I had successfully taped the concert I was taught how to edit! I was really really proud of my achievement, and would really like to keep it up in some capacity. Of course I was only able to do it because Papa was able to wrangle Eamon for me. It will take another few years until we can really fend that guy off from mayhem and destruction in order for me to pursue new (and old!!! knitting? helloooo?) interests.

Camera, production, editing…


I consider myself a very lucky girl today. I was trying to purge some unnecessary iPhone photos (like 500 selfies of my boys’ foreheads for example) so I decided to download everything on to the computer, delete off the phone, then wade through 4000 photos over the weekend. I made a few mistakes e.g. not backing up first, and not checking whether it was just file names that had transferred but also that there was no damage. The last 20 or so files did not transfer because my computer has next to no storage left (another reason for the purge…)

ALL my photos of Mum’s visit were lost and two great videos of the boys. Heartbreak! I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it. Well, today I read that your phone backs up to iCloud periodically and if you’re lucky you can access an older one. I knew the latest one was post-deletion and I could not find a way to see if there was an older one, so I had to delete everything off my phone (after backing up of course) and trust to blind luck that when I went through the menus that an old iCloud backup would turn up. PHEW! One from June 9! So I have only lost a few adorable photos of my Celtics boys hanging on monkey bars.

And here is one of the videos for perpetuity! I want it stored in as many places as possible!!!



Easter Morning at the Playground

I took the boys to the school playground on Easter. I took my good camera so captured some very ordinary moments that I don’t usually get the chance to savor.

What do you mean you won’t give us $50 for this yummy food?

You can’t catch me!

He got it first try (it was also Conor’s first outing on it)

Still can’t catch me!

I am like a big cat laying in the sun

Pink Lady’s Slippers

Teresa told us at knit night that her friend had brought her to see the Pink Lady’s Slippers at Whip Hill. I had never heard of such a flower but the ladies described them wonderfully and I was intrigued. Teresa sent me some lovely pictures today that she had taken but little did she know that I had already been to see them with the boys at 8am! Daddy had an early flight to Chicago this morning and we were all UP and AWAKE.

These ones were out in the open but most of them seemed to like to hide a little under a new sapling, with some shade from older trees, but, it seemed to me that they liked a little bare ground also…

Thank you Teresa! A glorious find!

And then we went to the playground with our friends Jacob and Adam who get up early for their poor mother EVERY day… (At least with me it’s just Eoin – Conor gets up much later with Daddy)



Early Mother’s Day Present

Papa has to head off to Tucson tomorrow (Mother’s Day in the US) so we celebrated a little early. I made a hugely delicious lamb riblet dish with eggplant and red pepper quasi-ratatouille and sweet potato mash. It was most certainly the best dish I have made in a long time, helped by the fact that Papa could keep the boys out of the kitchen.

Then Papa surprised me at the end of the evening with an amazing “pancake” lens for my new camera that is designed for indoor use. We have Terrible Lighting in our house and this IGNORES IT COMPLETELY.

This photo taken at 9pm!

Speaking of lighting, I installed a new light in the dining room this week! I was very proud of my initiative though I initially installed a completely inadequate 60W directed light. Lesson learned. Hard work and the boys were starved in the process while being complete angels but it was worth it!

Trying Out My New Camera

There is definitely quite a bit of trial and error left until I get some of the settings correct on my new camera, but I had fun outside earlier trying out close-ups, portraits, action shots…

Eoin’s daffodils are defying the snow

Breaking the ice…


Beep beep

I have a very relaxed method of driving…

Blowing bubbles