Conor Turned 8!

My boy is getting big! He wanted a sports party again (no surprise there!) The YMCA delivered. We were delighted and everyone had a blast.

They played hockey

And baseball

I had learned from my buttercream fiasco and went with my favorite texas sheet cake with Perler bead toppings

I realize now why I like knitting, cross stitch and perler beads so much. I am not a freehand crafter… It figures – I’ve always been terrible at drawing.


Dr Seuss at School

Myself and two other moms got a request out of the blue a month ago. Could we organize Dr Seuss crafts for every grade for a Dr Seuss week at the school library? WHAT??!! I don’t even like Dr. Seuss!!!
(Still, any excuse for crafting, right?)
I spent most of my off time during February Vacation Week making crafts for the Kindergarten and 3rd Grade. Kindergarten was reading 10 Apples Up On Top so I did all math-based activities. I don’t have any pictures but I made stress balls using red balloons and kinetic sand, for stacking and balancing on the kids’ heads.
I got my creative juices flowing by making some truffula tree decorations for the school library.

Conor is not very enthusiastic, yet…

They looked great in the reading corner

For Third Grade I made a Sneetches craft where there was a pull tab to pull up and down to mimic a Star Off/Star On Machine

I used this YouTube video to figure out how to do it.

The circle punch in the picture was wishful thinking. Why do those punches only extend half an inch? I ended up using my craft knife to cut out 50 circles in Sneetches tummies…
The third graders made light work of the craft. I had worked hard to make sure there were really good instructions but they rocked it much better than I expected.

Star On

It was really fun being at the school so much. It was hard with a toddler (which is why I don’t usually volunteer during school time) but it was good as a once-off.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 loved seeing me at school

But when we had to come back in at nap time on Friday for one last class, it was all too much for Eamon

Knitting for a Niece

I finished a little baby sweater for my soon-to-be-niece before Thanksgiving so I could gift it in Nashville. Now little Blake has arrived and is rocking her sweater! Another niece for me!

I can’t wait to meet this cutie

Pattern is Abagail Sweater, yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle Effect DK.

Long Day at the Arena

On a recent Saturday Eamon grabbed a nap while he could. Conor had practice at 12, Eoin had practice at 3.

He woke up when they tested the buzzer for the high school game

Papa was out of town so we stayed at the arena for the high school boys game. They are having a great season!

Conor was incredibly excited to get a puck that came over the glass. I had to save the boys twice from errant pucks! Mom-of-the-year award please…

Of course, when we get home they all still haven’t had enough!

Hockey Sock Straps

As a complete newbie when it comes to hockey I have been learning as I go. I research online about gear and then arrive in our Play It Again Sports store still pretty clueless and the really helpful guys in there give me tips and help me out. My neighbor gave me hockey socks so I researched them and I learned that you needed to put hockey socks over your knee guards to help keep them up because otherwise they can slip (also for team identification, oh, and warmth I’m sure). So for that you need tape, to hold up the socks, so I researched tape, and I bought tape… However I also noticed you could buy elastic straps with velcro, so a couple of years ago I made a pair. Conor has been using them and Papa finds them so useful that he has been transferring them between the two boys’ hockey bags. One of them needed some re-sewing so I took out the machine, resewed that, and put a pictorial together for myself so I would remember how to do it(and for anyone else who hates running out of hockey tape).
Bear in mind the sizing is for 7 and 5 year-old boys. The elastic gives plenty of growing room and stretches around a hockey sock and knee guard but a teenager and adult would benefit from some measuring.

15 inches 1-inch non-roll elastic (3/4-inch actually works too)

Sew 2.75 inches of 3/4 inch hook tape on one side, then FLIP it, and sew 5 inches 3/4 inch loop tape on the Other End (and Side)

Ready for hockey

You will need:
1-inch non-roll elastic
3/4-inch hook and loop tape
Cut elastic into 15-inch lengths, hook tape to 2.75-inch lengths, loop tape to 5-inch lengths.
On one end, sew hook tape. Flip the elastic, then sew loop tape on the other end.

Bag of Crusts

I made a bag of previously-frozen crusts into a bread and butter pudding. I used too much bread and was a bit haphazard with the sugar (had to change vessels I had so much bread!) so it wasn’t sweet enough. I make a lot of Nutella sandwiches for the boys so I’ve been adding the crusts to the freezer as I go. This was probably two weeks worth (remember, we were at home in a storm.)

From zero to hero (but I will weigh my bread next time…)

Seatbelt Cushion

After Mum had breast cancer I made her a seatbelt cushion to help provide some comfort after her mastectomy. She found it so useful that she asked me to make one for her friend. I couldn’t remember quite how I made it, so I took a pictorial as I went along trying to figure it out again.

I wrapped the fleece around some prequilted fabric

9inches by 12 inches is about right

Next time I will lay the hard part of the velcro here, and keep the soft part on the outer flap

This part should be velcro. Sew along the edges of the quilted batting to make a nice fold

Ready to wrap around a seatbelt