Easter with Melting Chocolate

We had fantastic, HOT, weather for Easter this year. All the chocolate was melting after three minutes! I guess it’s not something you can really complain about???

Eamon had already had some practice in South Carolina and a local hunt, so he knew what to do!

On the lookout

Down to business

The Easter bunny knows we have active boys… Thank you Farmor!

The Morning Crew

The Three Es are early risers in this house. I will qualify that statement however, and mention that the oldest E is an unwilling participant, and would much prefer not to wake up with her toddler in the morning…
Eamon has been waking at 6am. Eoin has been waking at 6.30am. We are hoping things improve in that regard… And while it may suck, I know such things never last forever (this is when I imagine their teenage years, sleeping in until 11… and remember my teenage years, wishing I had savored those lie-ins just a little more…

It’s cold downstairs in the morning. We need to snuggle to stay warm.

February in Ireland

During school vacation week we went to visit my family in Ireland. The fresh spring flowers brightened up even showery days. Anyway, people have developed solutions to wet bottoms from slides:

Took some guts but he was deterined!

The boys had a great time hanging out with their cousins in Limerick.

When we got back to Dublin we continued to pack things in as best as possible.

We tried to raid Mamo’s rock at the National Museum, and we saw the bog bodies.

We waited out a blustery shower in Dun Laoghaire.

At bowling and the arcade with Gemma

Eamon tried to destroy the his brother’s will

Eamon set his escape plan in motion at Airfield

Conor’s favorite tree at Airfield

But all too soon it was time to survive the flight home with Eamon the Energizer Bunny

It’s February

We had the stomach bug course through our house earlier this week. On Tuesday my two sick boys still ventured out to pick up Conor from school. Eoin was twelve hours ahead of Eamon so he even helped pull the sled.

Using those muscles

Look at all those cars. I was way happier using the sled… And, CUTEness!!!
Today (Thursday) was called a snow day the night before. We are all well now, but I really really don’t want to go out in it! Windchill will be down to -8F (-22C).

A Nerfy Nintendo Christmas

Santa delivered some rather large Nerf guns to the boys this year. Eamon is thankfully too young. He got some cool Duplo and ball toys.

Learning to unwrap

Delivery for Daddy

Lighting the pudding

The rest of our Christmas can basically be imagined by freeze framing this next photo for two weeks… The NES Classic that Daddy lined up at dawn for three mornings in a row was quite a hit, especially with Daddy…