Three Monkeys

Bedtime has changed considerably in recent months. Eamon is hanging with the big kids, and wants to be part of story time. He gets far too riled up, but we are working on it. It makes for some super cute moments between all the wrestling, screeching and blanket pulling…

Somebody’s not sleepy…


Bomb Cyclone

We all thought our Christmas break was far too short so we arranged for a massive storm to form out in the Atlantic and bring a foot of snow followed by a deep freeze…….. Yay long weekends! (But seriously, not that much yay… It was too cold to even enjoy the snow!)

Not much fun mommy-a!

The drifts were pretty impressive. It felt like they were up to three feet in places

Papa went out that night to tackle the snow before the deep freeze set in. We didn’t want to see what the three feet of plowed snow at the end of the driveway was like to shift once it was an iceberg

A White Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

And all through the house…

Not a creature was stirring…

Not even a … mouse???

The two older boys got up earrrrrrrly but were pretty good about waiting for their baby brother to wake up (it’s usually the other way around!) Once Eamon was up he figured everything out pretty quickly!

The snow that started around 7am on Christmas morning was ready for some fun!

Not great for building, but fun for sledding!

The pudding was a success!

Getting ready to smash our gingerbread house

Mum, Dad, and I finished a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle in three days

And another one three days later

It was wonderful having Mum and Dad visiting for Christmas. They were rather shocked by the extremely cold weather we were having, but we tried to keep it as cosy as possible in the house so they might forget that next time they contemplate traveling to the Northeastern United States!

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving in Nashville is all about family. The boys spend tons of time away from us playing with their cousins. It’s iPads, or sports, or toys…

Da boyz

The morning crew

I was delighted to spot an owl at Radnor Lake State Park

Hiking crew

Swedish Pancakes Operations Center

Ready for Kickball

Kickball action

We took up a whole row at the Predators game and that’s still not all of us…

Uncle Byron is obviously the “cool” uncle… What a way to finish off – with pumpkin pie…

Gaming With Daddy

Playing games with baby and toddler Eamon has never been easy, but it seems like things are starting to improve… He still gets frustrated if he can’t participate, but he is more ……. tolerable …….

Pitch Car

Eamon can still make the experience a total disaster but it’s starting to become worth the hassle.