Car Seat Safety

Conor helped Eamon buckle into Conor’s seat… Eamon wants so badly to be a big boy…

Pleased as punch

They both think the driver’s seat is the ONLY real place to be, however.

If you sit on your brother you can see over the dashboard


Spy Pond Fishing Expedition

A few people had mentioned fishing at Spy Pond in recent weeks, and told us there was a playground, so we determined to check it out.
It was more urban than we are used to, and we were not convinced we would catch anything, but we were successful!

Our first catch

Eoin caught his first ever fish!

Eamon even tried his hand but he was being a punk about accepting help

Looking over to Papa and Conor

Sun Pictures

When Papa stayed home to help me out after my knee surgery, I had to find some projects outside so he could attempt to do some work during the day. A lovely sunny day was perfect for making sun pictures! I got the idea from my Martha Stewart Living magazine last year. We tried it once last summer and it was a lot of fun.

I’m shocked they’re not touching it

Notice the Lego is now smashed

“Don’t touch Eamon!”

The pictures came out VERY well. I loved the effect that happened to the Lego because it was bulkier. There was a great shadow effect. I sent that to Dad for Father’s Day so I don’t have a picture of it.

The axe was moved by a boy’s foot so that one came out weird

We continued the sun theme by planting sunflowers

Putting Out Fires

Most of my days I make decisions that enable me to get some work done, but that usually cause some other work to be created…

“Oh, I’m sorry, were you trying to get some work done in the kitchen?”

“No mom, I will only stop screaming if you let me eat my own yoghurt. Meanwhile, you can get some work done, but not too much! If you time it incorrectly I will start painting yoghurt everywhere!”