Easter with Melting Chocolate

We had fantastic, HOT, weather for Easter this year. All the chocolate was melting after three minutes! I guess it’s not something you can really complain about???

Eamon had already had some practice in South Carolina and a local hunt, so he knew what to do!

On the lookout

Down to business

The Easter bunny knows we have active boys… Thank you Farmor!

Discovery Night

On April 6 the school organized an exceptional evening focused on acknowledging all the different cultural, religious, neurological and family differences and similarities in our school community. I don’t have much to show for it on the blog, because I was pretty busy! I made a poster about traveling internationally, made Irish scones for the food tasting and I was asked to do videography again.

Ton of scones

The night was a great success. I particularly liked the “neurodiversity zone” that showcased all the various learning tools that can tailor learning to students needs. There was a ton of hands-on and sensory tools to try out and all the families were highly engaged.
The video is much more difficult to edit. There were so many themes on the night, and each grade had a different project to document… I have been going to the local TV station during Eamon’s naptime, trying to use the editing software without getting too many pins and needles…

While he sleeps…

Tyrus’ Christening in South Carolina

My godson Tyrus had a birthday and christening celebration that I was lucky enough to attend with Eamon. It was really fun to catch up with family and get dolled up for a special occasion.

Eamon and mummy, Eamon sporting the handknit linen blend vest and bowtie I made Conor for Donal’s wedding

Tyrus and his smash cake

Eamon and Tyrus got on really great together

Happy to be there for my godson. Thanks Papa for holding the fort at home.

Big but still small

Eamon is in that interesting in-between stage; an independent toddler, eager to forge his own way, but sometimes I am reminded of how little he really is.

It’s so hard to have to wake him up from naps when it’s time to pick the boys up from school

When I don’t manage that nap transfer he still wants to sleep on mummy, and he still fits on the Boppy…

The Morning Crew

The Three Es are early risers in this house. I will qualify that statement however, and mention that the oldest E is an unwilling participant, and would much prefer not to wake up with her toddler in the morning…
Eamon has been waking at 6am. Eoin has been waking at 6.30am. We are hoping things improve in that regard… And while it may suck, I know such things never last forever (this is when I imagine their teenage years, sleeping in until 11… and remember my teenage years, wishing I had savored those lie-ins just a little more…

It’s cold downstairs in the morning. We need to snuggle to stay warm.

February in Ireland

During school vacation week we went to visit my family in Ireland. The fresh spring flowers brightened up even showery days. Anyway, people have developed solutions to wet bottoms from slides:

Took some guts but he was deterined!

The boys had a great time hanging out with their cousins in Limerick.

When we got back to Dublin we continued to pack things in as best as possible.

We tried to raid Mamo’s rock at the National Museum, and we saw the bog bodies.

We waited out a blustery shower in Dun Laoghaire.

At bowling and the arcade with Gemma

Eamon tried to destroy the his brother’s will

Eamon set his escape plan in motion at Airfield

Conor’s favorite tree at Airfield

But all too soon it was time to survive the flight home with Eamon the Energizer Bunny

Schooling His Mummy

Eamon likes to teach me that I really do not know everything as a mom. I thought I had seen it all, but no…

Toys are multifunctional

Laundry baskets can be upturned

He is so far ahead of me that I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s ready to start school!

Ready for class

Still a Premier Knitwear Model

I might not be able to get Eamon to do everything I want, but I can still get him to wear knitwear! Since I know this phase will last a very short time (comparative to the time and effort put in!!!) I am using every opportunity.

Marcia’s Pembroke Karen’s handiwork

By the way, if you notice my images being displayed in all different ways over the next while, some shoddy, some slightly askew, I am having to play around with CSS, tables, etc, because wordpress changed its “upload by URL” feature to actually upload images, hence maxing out my storage allocation. So now I am writing the HTML myself, sourcing my images from flickr (which is what wordpress was supposed to be doing!!!) but wordpress doesn’t want to read my “styling” points, so it’s a bit old skool, with coding hacks off various helpful sites.