Preparing for Halloween

For Halloween I bought a hot dog costume, and I had a request for a “red Mario ghost from Luigi’s Mansion”. Eamon had no option whatsoever since I was determined that he would wear the awesome Bowser costume I made for Conor five years ago.
Eoin’s red ghost costume was harder than I expected. I probably overthought it, and added netting, and lighting…

My brain is burning

We made our way to the school Halloween party. We had helped out earlier by making a fishing game, cracking glowsticks, decorating the gym…

Don’t expect any photos from the party, it is INSANE!

Attaching the stalk to the pumpkin

Freestyle spider web

On Saturday our town had its annual Halloween Stroll. The TV station has awesome green screen pictures ready for the costumes. See if you can find the “real” hot dog!?


Eamon had to go around the stroll TWICE so his hockey-practicing brothers could each get a turn. Needless to say he exhibited a pure sugar crash at the end.

I Defeated Bowser!

On Sunday it was high time we carved our pumpkins. I had a blast helping the boys pick their own design.

Some boys liked the pumpkin guts more than others…

We have a spooky, a King Boo, and an angry pumpkin

On Halloween we went to a neighborhood party then hit up the neighborhood. I never manage photos of trick-or-treating, but it was a lot of fun. We even managed more houses as the boys are getting older.

PS. Eoin ended up being a ninja for real Halloween. The red costume had wearability issues…


Hike Around Horn Pond

Eamon and I found ourselves over near Horn Pond this week. We have fished here once, but I always wanted to hike around it. I didn’t want to go home after being stuck inside with a sick baby for a few days, so this was the perfect escape. A nice 45-minute 2-mile loop.

FAll reflection

Eamon was delighted to spot lots of birds. We saw ducks, swans, herons, cormorants, seagulls…

What Month Is It?

Oh yes, October! Time for some spooky pyjamas, socks, treats, shirts…

Grandpa David’s annual Halloween package came on Thursday! Conor had a playdate over, so there was tons of excitement. Things came tumbling out of the package and we immediately had to make cookies because there were two spooky baking mixes. Conor’s friend is allergic to tree nuts however, so I made my shortbread recipe. The awesome sprinkles wouldn’t stick in to those while hot, so I made some quick icing too. It was hectic! I was convinced I was going to get a sugar crash any moment since they wouldn’t dream of touching any after-school snacks!

Some of the sprinkles may not have made it all the way to the cookie surface…

Topsfield Fair 2017

I took the boys to the Topsfield Fair on a school professional development half day. It was a little bit rainy, so it wasn’t too crowded. I’m not a fan of crowds.
Eamon loved the chickens, Eoin found the queen bee, and Conor was tall enough to go on the bumper cars for the first time! He also was certain this qualified him to own a Chevy…

The Season is Changing

Despite a very mild, warm September and October, there are still many small signs that the season is changing. We are back to lots of sports activities and can be found running around various places all week long.

Eoin is a totally different child in soccer this season

Waiting for Conor to get out of the shower at swimming

Watching Eoin at hockey

Conor is now in instructional cross-ice mites

It was definitely high time we picked up a pumpkin

Time to spookify

The Summer of the Fence

Last fall we replaced our rotten fence and let it cure over the winter and spring. This summer I set about priming and staining it. With three boys, one of them a very busy toddler, a knee surgery, a husband with a lot of work travel, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I figured I would be done by the end of September, and I was right!

I was so happy when I turned this corner

During the summer I would sometimes bribe the boys to take care of their baby brother if he woke up too soon from his nap, but when September came along Eamon started to forgo naps altogether. I had to just let him loose in the yard and hope for the best.

He would frequently end up running around naked

I’m really proud of it