Day: June 14, 2017

Trying Not To Play In The Dirt

Eoin is a little scientist, so it is quite a struggle for him at T-Ball not to DIG in the dirt all the time… I wish I didn’t have to yell at him to watch out for batted balls coming right for his head quite so much, but I am proud of him for participating most of the time.

He has hilarious moves

After one particularly absent-minded game, Eoin told me he had an inch worm in his glove the whole time… That explained a lot…


Baseball Obsession

Conor has always been obsessed with baseball but it really comes to the fore during Little League season. My blog (and my ability to cook healthy dinners) has certainly suffered from having two players this year (Conor in Rookie Ball, Eoin in T-Ball) but it is a delight to see Conor enjoying himself so much.

He likes first base, short stop, pitcher, and catcher positions

Check out the amazing organizational system the coach’s wife set up for each kid!

I spend most of my time chasing Eamon around, trying to catch glimpses of baseball action while fielding such comments as “He’s really fast”, or “You have your hands full”…

Eoin Turned 5!

We got Eoin’s birthday present the weekend before his birthday. He loves biking to school and was in desperate need of a bigger bike. He is so proud of his new bike!

Ready to go

Opening a few gifts on Eoin’s birthday

Pokemon cupcakes for the birthday boy


We had a lovely party at home, with a Pokemon plus balloons theme. It was an odd mix to request but I made it work!

Arming children with balloons (promptly burst…)

Cake Fans”

Of his party gifts Eoin was most excited about smashing geodes. A “HIT”!

March for Science

There is a particular change in political climate that has happened for us this year. It impacts us in many ways, but since Papa is a scientist, we felt strongly that we should march on Earth Day to indicate how important we believe scientific research and education is for our society.

One thing that struck me when my children started to become obsessed with Pokemon Go was how important “evolution” is. So to save society and science we should just encourage our children to play Pokemon!

Eoin was very proud of his artistic impression of Mega Charizard X, which we put on the back. Good thing I laminated before we left. It was a rainy day at the march!