Halloween with a Trio

Eamon’s first Halloween was a joy. I took on way too much by acquiescing to making two Pokemon costumes, so I got very stressed at times, but the work was worth it, especially seeing Eoin’s joy in his costume.


Grandpa David sent awesome pyjamas (and treats!)

Conor wanted to be Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Most elements were easy (pants, shoes) but I had to make a shirt, with a collar! It was fun to explore new sewing techniques, but I must admit I was scared until I tried it. I also cut down some one-dollar gloves and sewed them so they wouldn’t fray, and I made three Pokeballs out of fleece because I knew he would be throwing them at his brother!


Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

We had great fun at the school Halloween party with these costumes and of course also on Halloween itself. I KNEW all my work for Eoin was worth it when he brought back a drawing from school: “What I want to be for Halloween”


Eoin as “Charizard” from Pokemon

Eamon took everything in his stride, enjoying the excitement.


He was a big fan of the pumpkin ring toss


But to be honest he wasn’t terribly impressed by being confined to a stroller for trick-or-treating… He seemed to want to join his brothers ringing doorbells!


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