Getting Back to Knitting

With my pregnant self having decided that knitting made me nauseous and then a quite considerable baby haze (sleep-deprivation) lasing until only a couple of months ago, I got NO knitting done.

My wonderful knitting friend Una (who has made me some lovely baby gifts!) just had a baby girl during the summer, and I vowed I would get something knit for her. The first project (started before baby girl arrived) was turning out too boyish and I determined that I would not have enough yarn, so I had to scrap it. The second choice had to be something faster, that I could send soon…

Well, my gauge was All Wrong. The hat turned out too big (age 3 or 4). So then I made mittens for a toddler size too (thanks Teresa for the idea!) but when I finished the second mitten it was smaller despite having the same amount of rows! I think I

a) changed the needle size to US5 by mistake or

b) went back to my tighter knitting style as I got back into the groove of knitting or

c) both of the above

I could not contemplate reknitting the second (or first?) mitten, or the hat, so I am glad Una is a knitter and will hopefully understand why she got such a flawed product…


And everybody loves purple



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