When Daddy’s Away

Papa usually does the morning school dropoff with Conor. When I am solo I do whatever it takes to get all three boys out the door to bring Conor to school, even if it means pulling 150lbs!


Three in a wagon

I also have a few tried and tested activities that make life a bit easier. Einstein’s Workshop is usually a big hit, and they have drop-in hours again now that the summer camps are over. We combine it with McDonalds Playland afterwards for a win-win situation.


Eamon is assessing the possibilities for destruction




Race car

I also had to get the boys out to hockey, which started back up for the season.

That night I was remarkably tired, go figure, so movie night was instigated.


First time bringing the table up for the boys

On the Sunday we had a few hours hanging around a dreary and damp soccer field too. An 8am game, then two hours to dry off, then 2.5 more hours at the field!!!


In a genius move, I realized I could bring hot chocolate!


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