Salisbury Beach

For Labor Day weekend I resolved to try out a new beach. Papa loves to get to the beach, and our recent attempts to go to Crane Beach or Good Harbor Beach (very popular New England beaches) have resulted in us being turned back by the traffic (not enough parking). The weather was cooler, so we needn’t have worried. People don’t turn out to the beach in huge numbers here if it’s below 80- but that’s not stopping us!!!


Conor constantly asks to play baseball


Me and my boys


What a crew


Eamon absolutely loves to jump in the waves


We couldn’t resist this mini golf course on our way home. Conor got a hole-in-one on this hole!

Overall a big hit. The waves were a little too much for smaller kids, but the sand was great for sandcastles and there is plenty of parking, a playground, camping, good grill spots, even fishing on the estuary side… We could make a day or even a weekend out of it if we camped one night.


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