Red Sox Renditions

We had a blast all summer at various Red Sox games. We often go midweek so we can score nice tickets at a reasonable price. Tuesdays have giveaways – yay!


Eoin rocks the Big Papi look


It’s rare to get them all playing together in Wally’s Clubhouse


Getting ready for the big leagues

The Clubhouse has some virtual reality headsets where you can experience Spring Training virtually. I never manage to get a photo of it because the boys look so hilarious reacting in real time with these huge headsets on. I’m usually rolling on the floor laughing.

We certainly enjoyed David Ortiz’s retirement year and Conor is not as upset about it as we feared. We have been talking up some of the great younger players to get him excited about them too.

Oh, and naturally Wally is the main attraction…


There were a couple of nights where we actually didn’t go to the Clubhouse. One night it was closed for a private function,so we had extra time to do the other things on the concourse that I usually avoid so we can go back to daddy at our seats.

Conor had more speed but Eoin was right on target.


When the real Wally is not to be found


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