A Week in New York City

Papa had a meeting in New York.We tagged along for the ride, but all the work was up to me, because he was gone the whole time. I joked that we saw LESS of him than we usually do on a normal travel trip through Skype!!!


First we explored the playground at Central Park


And tried without success to find a playground on the High Line


Eamon had his first bus ride

We explored the Bronx Zoo, and many playgrounds. Eamon would be plonked down somewhere relatively free of leaves and mulch (his favorite food) and he practiced crawling. He started clapping and crawling in that one week.


We  had a fantastic day on the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. I loved being on it with the boys, and exploring all around.

The boys loved the “cannons”, the sleeping quarters, and the Exploreum.

It was a hot week in the city, but Papa had found us a hotel with a rooftop ool. Every afternoon we would return there to cool off.


On the Friday we went to Nelson Rockefeller park along the Hudson. It was lovely, with games you could borrow, a great playground, and proximity to the Irish Hunger Memorial and the 9/11 Memorial.

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On our last day we went to the New York Public Library. Eoin was delighted because he is a big Ghostbusters fan. After that we went to the Nintendo store and talked to a virtual Mario.


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