It’s All Local

Our farm coop has started back up AND my friend Teresa blessed us with extras from her garden! It is such a great feeling to cook with local ingredients, where sometimes everything is from a local farm or garden (yes, occasionally even my OWN garden!) or just an onion is added to help.


We are not at a budget level to afford our meat or eggs locally or organically, but we determined that the choice and quality of vegetables and fruit was worth the extra investment to our family. The boys are always excited to pick up our share, more than they get excited at the grocery store, and the flavor is just so much better in many instances.


Oh, and then there’s this rhubarb upside-down cake, made possible by the Farm Direct Coop

I also switched our farm share pickup date to Tuesdays so that we could attend our two local farmers markets on Thursdays if we wanted to supplement. The first market in our town had a stand just for kids to teach them how to make salad dressing. The boys loved shaking it up.


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