Sand Scrubber Bags

We have a great sand remover in our house that we bring to the beach, called a Powder Pouch. I think I got it four years ago from One Step Ahead and we have not had to refill it yet. It is basically a cotton bag filled with talcum powder that you rub on your skin and the sticky sand falls away. Genius!

We are putting together beach bags for the preschool teachers this year, so I resolved to sew the two teachers each a pouch.


Cutting up an old summery t-shirt

I used the serged edge of the t-shirt as the flap to go over the velcroed seal.


Here’s how I pinned it, then I put the right sides together and sewed down the length of it, with the velcro edges at the top.


I used leftover blackout fabric instead of faux leather for little bags to keep the pouches in so that the talc doesn’t get everywhere.


Just needs talc, and ties for the protective bags


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