Mamo and Granddad

When Mamo and Granddad came back from their trip to Toronto and Ithaca we tried to cram things in as best we could, despite school and rookie ball commitments. Spring is busy around here!

We finally got my parents out to see Salem. The Peabody Essex Museum was a hit, of course, and we also enjoyed our walk along the waterfront. Oh, really, there are ice cream shops along the waterfront, really?


On a pretty drizzly May 1st, we went to a local National Historic Landmark that opened for the season that day. It is very close to us yet I had never been. Mum and Dad and Eamon were excited to go, so off we went to discover the Saugus Iron Works. It was a really informative experience, and I’m sure when the boys are in more conciliatory moods it will be fantastic for them to visit, especially when they have the mills working. I had a LOVELY time with my parents, who have instilled in me a yearning for discovery, archaeology and history, though I’m sure I complained a fair amount when they dragged me around to such places as a child!!!


Dad explains the path of the water through the mills to Mum

On Mum and Dad’s last day we celebrated Dad’s birthday a little early, with his favorite, fairy cakes.


I don’t think two candles is sufficient, but observant readers can make out the number sure enough

And we topped the visit off with a group photo that I have been yearning for for a number of years.


What a lovely visit… The distance between us can be made inconsequential at times, with Skype and FaceTime, but when you get the chance to reconnect it can often be heartwrenching to realize how hard it actually is to live so far apart. You muddle through, but the benefits of family close by are many.


One comment

  1. We’ve never been to the Saugus Iron works, but have been meaning to go for years. Maybe this will be the year….

    I can’t believe Grandad is 67! 🙂

    Really nice group photo.

    Having lived most of my adult life in different parts of the country from my immediate family, I can really relate to how you’re feeling after a visit from your family. It truly is bittersweet!

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