Valentine’s Hearts

With two boys in school now Valentine’s has become a serious business. Assembling all the cards for everyone in class, writing names (I discovered Eoin could write his name!), remembering when to bring them in to school…

In addition to all that I took on an extra project because Eoin’s preschool teacher asked her room moms to think up some activities for a Valentine’s party. I got some cool ideas on pinterest, but it was kind of tiring and stressful to complete. I am very proud of it though.

I took this Bean Bag Toss idea to another level, by also sewing the heart. I had cute heart fabric from Papa’s aunt Suzi (also seen in our Christmas stockings), a tiny bit of leftover red from Crafty Staci, brown flannel that I had intended for a blanket and a red JoAnn’s fleece remnant that I had randomly picked up.


Stealing time during a nap…

The heart turned out really nice. The kids enjoyed the activity too, though the bean bags could have done with more weight. I used acrylic pellets from JoAnn’s as well as stuffing and they just weren’t heavy enough.


On the other side of the fabric I sewed out a Tic Tac Toe grid, inspired by this blog.


The party went well at the school. The kids got really into throwing, and I was able to entertain the one group that tired of the throwing a little bit longer by flipping it and showing them the Tic Tac Toe side.


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