I Have The Best Friends

As a knitter, it can be really nice to have a knitting group to share projects with, bounce ideas off, learn from… What I value mine most for however is the companionship and friendship. During this pregnancy Wednesday nights were one of the only times I got knitting done. I lost my mojo early on, and I was too tired later…

Little did I know, but my friends were more than compensating for my lack of knitting with their own secret knitting!

Last Wednesday I got showered with gifts for the new baby!


Caroline made me a gorgeous silk cowl (because I never knit for myself…) and Karen made the baby a gorgeous sweater


Marcia made me this amazing log cabin blanket with a matching hat in the green, white and yellow


Meaghan made the baby this adorable Christmas tree hat and socks! I was so tickled by these!


Teresa made her First Ever Sweater for the baby, with matching mittens and hat

The most amazing thing about Teresa’s First Ever Sweater feat is that she made it out of exactly the same yarn and exactly the same color that I made MY First Ever Sweater!

Take a look! Here is baby Conor wearing his sweater… Eoin wore the same sweater home from the hospital!


Fast asleep



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