Most Expensive Lego Piece

As I tried to attend Town Meeting last week I was alerted by a text that Papa was bringing Eoin to the Emergency Room. No other details. So I got a trial run at getting to the hospital quickly…

Excellent patient

Eoin was a fantastic patient, telling everyone “I’m not afraid of anything.” Which thankfully turned out to be true. He had really wedged a tiny Lego piece up his nose however, so it took a little time to resolve while the nurses and doctors tried the less invasive methods first. All in all, we were in and out in 2 hours 45 minutes.

Of course, the next day Eoin had a flash tummy bug, but he got over that one quickly too. He appears to be wise about sleeping things off…


This fella seems to be king of random trips to the ER, but I think we will take it, as long as they continue to be just for stupid things, rather than that he’s really really sick…


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