Halloween Festivities

We kicked off a week of Halloween celebrations with the school Halloween party. Eoin missed it because of his tummy but Conor got in the spirit of things. I manned the craft table and helped the kids make really cute lollipops.

Now imagine this ten minutes later with 100 more kids…

Saturday morning cartoons

Conor had hockey for the first part of the town’s trick or treat event, so Eoin and I checked it out first, with Conor and Papa joining later.

Superman in the old burying ground

Superman at the TV station

Farmor came for some meetings for a couple of days. Snuggles and games alert!

Super snugglers!

I entrusted some Ball-jar-lid pumpkins to her to bring back for David to thank him for his Pumpkin Package. I had seen the idea on Pinterest but I didn’t have orange spray paint, so they had copious layers of paint, and weren’t really the effect I was looking for. I will do something better next year! (I think my friend Teresa’s photo card hopefully made up for it though!!!)


Next up it was high time we carved the pumpkin, so since we were letting the boys stay up a little later to watch the Patriots we added in some extra difficulty with sharp tools and fire…

A team effort

The next day was one day away from Halloween… I decided spur of the moment, since I had gone out and gotten Eoin a costume that he had FINALLY settled on, that I would make a Diamond Armor Steve (from Minecraft) costume for Conor with some leftover fleece I had. It is very rudimentary but he loves it and frankly it just made me very happy to make something personal for him. He was going to be Batman like last year, then Karen gave him N’s Captain Rex costume which he loved wearing to the school party, but then he got all wishy-washy when Eoin got a new costume… The man didn’t have a clue what he wanted, but I sure did…


Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!


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