Tuesday at Topsfield Fair

The boys had an early release from school during the week, so I figured it was the perfect chance to catch the Topsfield Fair, without the weekend crowds.

First stop was some placation at the rides.

Conor didn’t turn sideways this time. His face was terror-stricken though.

Next stop was another favorite, the trains in the 4H barn. Eoin was not enthused until I reminded him about the buttons for controlling some of the features. Then a kind lady told us if we went around the side we could go into the center of the display with a model train driver. Score!


Next thing that happened is we were wandering by the small show area and the Money Pole was about to start. Kids have to try and climb up this slippery pole and win $10 and some vouchers. Conor was eager to give it a go!

He was unable to describe where he lives, except that it is a “blue house”

We were near the veggie barn (I was ultimately directing us to the knitting barn!!!) so we went in to see the Giant Pumpkin but were much more impressed by a giant sunflower!


I had a cacophony of requests for more rides, but managed to get all the animal barns in first.

Oh, so it’s fun after all, huh?

Oh yes, they got some more rides too…

Expert navigators


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