Stylish Little Lady

I got two lovely new nieces this summer which has filled me with true delight. Evie came first and this little lady has showed herself to be an incredibly strong girl, working hard through feeding challenges (aspiration) that led to ICU treatment for her lungs. She gave us all quite a fright, and I must say it was hard to knit for her, as I worried about her so much. I also felt nauseous every time I tried to knit in my first trimester, so this project took a LONG time, for such a little project…

Debbie Bliss Spanish Dress, size 12-18 months, but probably came out more 18-24 months…

I used the delightful fabric I won on Crafty Staci’s blog. So gorgeous. It was lovely to use something so special for such a special girl. Her mother always dresses my nieces and nephew in c.u.t.e. clothes, so I knew I had to hit it out of the ballpark… I went to Another Yarn to find the yarn, hoping they would have the recommended one. It turned out they had a store sample of the pattern right there in the store, for which they had used Schachenmayr Catania. I picked up the buttons there too, even though Staci had supplied ones that would have been perfect too.



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