A Curious Manifestation of Nesting

I don’t know what insanity has come over me, but I wanted to put the boys’ Lego Batcave set back together since it got destroyed in January and naturally I couldn’t find the pieces in our huge box of pieces. Papa is away, so we don’t really need the dining room right now, thank goodness… Because it has been subsumed into Lego craziness. I am sorting the Lego by color. I must be mad.

Nowhere to eat

Nowhere to stand

You’d think in the midst of this that I would have enough of Legos, but I took the boys to the Lego Discovery Museum today too! Conor had super-early soccer so we went straight to the museum afterwards, to line up before opening because it can get crazy busy and the special pass we got from the library didn’t allow for prebooking tickets. It turned out it was really quiet and we had the run of the place!

Go Patriots!

Eoin loved the music at the Hatch

Conor loved the racetrack


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