A Small Triumph

Usually this blog is a true “highlight reel”. You’d think my life is one big perfect event after another. Not so, of course, but I didn’t originally subtitle this “The Pollyanna Blog” for nothing! I get soooooo long-winded when I’m negative!

So, suffice it to say that I have a 3-year old. An independent one, with a slightly lazy streak. And with Daddy’s frequent travel and starting preschool this year he has been having separation-related issues that we are working through. This has manifested itself in not participating in swim class. Shock, horror, this does NOT go down well in a family who loves swimming!!!

So this week we switched things up, changed teachers, changed times, toned it down a bit, and after 10 minutes on the bench he got in!!! I had to stay there the whole time which you’re not really allowed do, but hey, it’s not like I will be still sitting there when he’s 13, right? At the end, we took a photo for Daddy. This photo will get me through a lot of those difficult moments to come, I’m sure of it. He turned towards the camera and BEAMED.

What a ham


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