The Rose and the Rogue

I will not profess to being the most attentive gardener. Being an Irishwoman, I forget that rain does not pour down from the skies every day in New England, and I forget to water my plants… This year I have been trying much harder and have been slightly pleased with not killing toooo many things. I am baffled however as to how I could have grown a corn without even knowing it…

This area was getting water because I was really delighted to be given a rose plant for being a room mom at preschool. It managed two more blooms this summer thanks to Karen watering it while we were in Ireland…

When I got back from Ireland I noticed a “weed”. Something about it told me to leave it, and lo and behold, we have a corn plant! Conor and I tried to grow some last summer in our usual patch but got no fruit, just tall stalks.

This makes me sure now that our sunniest patch of our garden is the best for growing. My current patch gets too much shade and Papa wants to maybe build a shed there. You need more proof?


So Conor wanted to grow his own pumpkin for Halloween, but we planted some seeds that the pesky (“f***ing” was a more appropriate term according to Conor) squirrels dug up, so I constructed the tomato cage to protect those, then when we went camping, a sneaky “squirrel” neighbor planted a pumpkin plant grown from the seed of the pumpkin that won the giant pumpkin contest at Topsfield fair. That is the one on the left that is doing awesome and trailing forever. Karen said that there was actually a pumpkin growing on this when we were in Ireland but I think the pesky bunnies might have eaten it? I cannot find any. Just lots of blooms… I have not given up hope…

Speaking of critters, look what has managed to bloom despite proffering up a lot of delicious leaves to the bunnies.

Just in time for the start of school, as I had hoped

There should have been a whole row (four fence sections worth) of these sunflowers but the bunnies got to most of them. GRRRRR! The one reason these still managed to grow is probably the irrigation system. As you can see from the scorched grass at the back (by the pumpkin), the irrigation system does not go that far, something we would like to remedy when we win the lottery. And that way I will never have to water and I may actually grow things!!!


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