Getting Bigger at the 4H Fair

I was shocked by how much bigger the boys looked on the pony rides at this year’s 4H Fair.

He got the big pony

A world of difference from the screaming two years ago!

I still love love love this fair. It is the best part of the summer for me. Conor loved the “pigs, french fries, lemonade and ice cream”. Eoin loved the “horses” but it seemed to me he also loved the sheep and bunnies. He loves to get down at an animal’s level. My favorite was the champion silky hen we saw. So fluffed!


It was pretty hard to get the boys away from the music man they enjoy here every year, Kevin McNamara.


Oh and of course the bouncy rides and hay ride were a real hit too. It was just so great to get here before the school year starts. This year will be the first year we have to go to the Topsfield Fair on a weekend because of school… Yes, Conor is starting KINDERGARTEN and Eoin is starting preschool. Our daily rhythm is going to change, big time. Hmm, maybe we could do an evening fair… Worth looking into.


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