Aran Islands and The Burren

Once Papa’s meeting was over in Galway we took a day trip to Inis Mór on the ferry. Papa had been wanting to do it since seeing pictures of Dun Aengus, and I wanted to speak some Irish and revisit this beautiful island. Biking around the island was pretty hard for Papa, with the boys in a trailer behind the bike (extra 100+lbs uphill anyone?!) and it started raining when I was hoping for “the perfect picnic” on the beach but really it was a great day with some lovely memories. And Eoin discovered that while you CAN dip your hands in sea water to get sand off them, you can’t dip a baguette in there and get satisfactory results…

We are on top of a cliff

We climbed up to Dun Aengus, an ancient ringfort on a cliff, then tried to check out Poll na bPeist (the Wormhole) but Eoin had fallen asleep in the trailer (tummy troubles) so Conor and Papa went clambering over the rocks instead, while I took in the glorious view.

Papa and Conor on the left, Dun Aengus on hill at top right, wormhole somewhere in the middle

The beauty is truly stunning, especially when the sun peaks out. Watching a little boy sleep is also one of my favorite sights too…


After Poll na bPeist it was time to get back to the port and find a pint of Guinness for Papa, then we packed up the next day and drove through the Burren to Limerick, to see my brother and his family.

At Poulnabrone dolmen


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