Camping in Cape Cod in June

We returned this year to Nickerson State Park, a really nice base for exploring the Cape. Our first port of call was the little beach near our campsite at Little Cliff Pond.

It’s good to be back

We spent the week trying to find our favorite beach. It was glorious.

First Encounter Beach

On the Atlantic


Most evenings we would make it down to the pond as well.


Conor really perfected his casting.

As long as you keep him away from trees

There was some excellent teamwork on display too, as long as the boys weren’t fighting over whose turn it was with the net.

Pumpkin seed fish

We had one rainy day that week, so we headed to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, also in Brewster.

Deep in thought

We then took a drive and things had cleared up pretty well so we found Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Chatham by chance and had a lovely little hike along a trail that shows you the different coastal habitats.

Monomoy Trail

On our last day we had to avoid some wind so we checked out a Wellfleet beach on the bay side. It was a great place to relax after being kept awake by stupid teenagers at the campsite the night before. The boys were thankfully oblivious to my pain and Daddy took them off to the other end of the beach so I could rest. (I was ultimately cured by ice cream…)

Rock fort

This is all a farce. They wouldn’t get in the water all week!

For the last night, Daddy treated himself to 3.42lbs of lobster…

Happy boys!

The boys and I were more in the mood for hot dogs roasted at the fire

Overall a victorious trip to the Cape:

And these boys get so tired out that bedtime is a breeze…

Good morning!!!


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  1. Great beach and pond photos. Looks like everyone had a really good time (despite those darn caterpillars!).

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