Teacher Appreciation

As room mom for Conor’s classroom this year I needed to figure out an end-of-year gift for his teacher. I was having no luck at all and wanted to find something personal, so I cobbled together a few ideas, some from Pinterest, and one thing I had just really wanted to try, and got something really individual in the end.

I made a little book and got each child in the class to draw a picture of what they thought their teacher’s favorite flower looked like. They were adorable. Then I etched those onto a vase using adhesive stencil film and Armour Etch.

A “rose”

Once I had gathered all the flowers and gotten the vase ready, I went to the florists and asked for each individual flower. It turned out really nice and I think the teacher really liked it. The children also really loved the idea and were so proud to see their flowers in real life.

A red rose, two purple flowers, two pink flowers and a green flower


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