Fishing on Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend I planned a fishing trip to Harold Parker State Forest, about 10 miles north of us. It is quite spread out with a lot of ponds and parking areas, so we were slightly unsure where we should be, but I stuck with my gut and my research and picked an area by Field Pond. It was a hit!

The boys were eager to start

The fish were crafty little devils and kept stealing our bait but I managed to hook the first fish all the same!

With my trusty helpers

Papa got two more after that.

They were small bluegills that had to be put back but the boys were delighted with the experience and the grown-ups enjoyed the tranquility of the lake.

Papa was not quite ready to give up

Another bonus was seeing some lady slippers hiding in the forest. I had snuck out earlier that morning to see some at our local park so it was a huge delight to be able to show the boys.


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