Catch Up

Holy guacamole. I don’t think it’s been this long since I’ve posted on the blog ever?? We have had a bum few weeks of Papa traveling and illness and I am barely caught up… Here is a quick recap:

Eoin turned 3!!! (Papa has more photos…)

Cool new firehouse from Farmor!

Donal came to visit!

Best godfather ever

We got 6 cubic yards of mulch:

Kings of the castle

Then Papa went away to Finland and we got very very sick with a 3.5-day stomach bug.

Eoin was the first to fall

Then Conor and myself…

We slept a lot and I cleaned up a lot…

When Mother’s Day came around we were finally all better. Such a relief.

Happy happy

Now that things are finally back on track…

Conor took part in Future Spartans Day

and the boys and I went to the zoo yesterday.



There you go, that’s a month condensed!!! Not my favorite month (apart from Eoin’s birthday and Donal visiting, but that was April. May started off just rotten……..)

Add to that the fact that I have done zero knitting and have not been motivated to cook exciting food then there has been precious little blog fodder. Hopefully I will stop feeling nauseous about knitting and cooking soon. I have been managing a stitch or two of cross stitch… I did make a lovely asparagus soup….. No pictorial evidence – it went into Donal’s tummy too quickly!


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