Maudslay State Park and Newburyport

I met up with a friend of a friend and her son, newly arrived in the city from North Carolina. They are staying on Plum Island for a while until their house opens up in the summer. I thought it would be cool to get up to Newburyport to check it out. We decided on a picnic at Maudslay State Park since the Parker River National Refuge is apparently pretty shut down for plover season.

Sheltering for our picnic

The weather was pretty gray and it started to spit rain. We sheltered from the wind off the Merrimac River on the old house foundations and then we set off to explore once the shower passed over us.

Old walled garden

The kids loved exploring the old walled garden. It had old ruined greenhouses, plots for a vegetable garden, a tiny “maze”, a well, an old coachhouse… The daffodils were all starting to bloom and it was just so pretty. I bet it is spectacular when the rhododendron come out, on a sunnier day!

We needed to thaw out a bit and I had read about the Jabberwocky bookstore in Newburyport, with an excellent toy store right beside it. The boys loved it!

Minecraft and colors

Eoin loved the “snuggle bear”

We scored some excellent whoopie pies and hot chocolate at Chococoa then I wanted to see some boats, so we stopped off at the wharf before heading home.

Soon this channel will be chock-full of boats

Looking out to Plum Island, trying to follow the diving cormorant


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