Hamburger Buns

I have been exploring making my own bread ever since Papa was contemplating getting me a bread maker for my birthday. I baulked at the bulky countertop item and decided I would rather see if I could get nice results with my KitchenAid first. My first attempt wasn’t fantastic but still edible. My latest attempt turned out terrific!

I had a lot of leftover picnic pork from Easter (that dinner wasn’t the highlight of my culinary career so I felt I wanted to at least let the leftovers shine). So cue a recipe in my Gourmet Cookbook for hamburger buns. Delicious and a huge success!




I used my own Bread and Butter Pickles too. Just pure scrumptious. And last night I made a Tourtiere (pork pie) with the final leftover pork which was yummy too, though it might have been trumped by my mushroom soup… Three dinners with one braised picnic shoulder. Not half bad.


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