Look What I Won!!!

I’ve mentioned before on my blog how inspirational I find Crafty Staci’s blog. Her Friday Favorites are a highlight of my week, and I loved her Wedding Wednesdays this Fall where she portrayed lots of awesome things she and her husband did for her daughter’s wedding. She writes awesome sewing tutorials that are written so well that they give me a huge amount of confidence and resolve to tackle some. I used her Rainbow Coffee Sleeve to make gifts for Conor’s Rainbow Room teachers at the end of last year.


I am very glad that my confidence in sewing has been built up so well because Crafty Staci was having three 5-Year Anniversary Giveaways on her blog and I won one of the giveaways! I couldn’t believe it! Take a look at all the things in her post! The fabric she is sending me is out of this world and I love all the little things like the buttons, matching threads, and the checklist (I love checking off checklists…)

You can be sure that I am going to be going through her back catalog of tutorials for more inspiration, so that I can do this prize the justice it deserves. Wow. I am SO HAPPY.


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