The Blackrock vest by Yvonne McSwiney has finished blocking and looks fantastic. Very soft too. I think it turned out bigger than a 6-12 month size, but that’s not a problem for me. I always find too that vests last a nice amount of time on little boys. Somehow without sleeves you can get away with something that’s too short just a teensy bit longer than if the sleeves give the game away…

I might gift this on St. Patrick’s Day… It somehow seems appropriate…

And what have I been doing in the meantime? Well, I was waiting for my new book by Kate Oates to arrive (I’m such a fangirl) and it has!

A BOY knitting book. Delicious patterns for BOYS!!! Spectacular stuff. Image courtesy tottoppers website.

In the meantime I have been making a couple of preemie hats to use up leftovers and also to donate in the name of my ravelry friends from my baby group who are coming up on 3 years with our little ones and still we chat as a group on the forums… They’re an awesome bunch of gals and I would love to extend the support I got from them to other parents in my area who need a little something for their little preemies…

As for what I will knit from my Knits for Boys book? Well, I wanted to knit the Jesse Half-Zip featured on the left of the front page, and Conor did point it out that he liked it, BUT, that he wanted me to knit it for his ONE HUNDRED FRIENDS. Yeah, no way buddy. Both he and Eoin liked the socks, and while I am not a sock knitter I think I might try them out. Conor was certainly short some warm socks this winter… And I have other projects I need to work on for some summer babies arriving in the family.


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