K is for Knitting

Conor gets homework every week that entails bringing something into school that begins with the letter of the week. I was a very courageous knitter and entrusted this knitting to his care last week…

Blackrock vest by Yvonne McSwiney in Shepherd Baby Wool 4-Ply (click on picture for link to ravelry pattern)

I just finished this lovely vest. It was my first foray into fingering weight knitting and I enjoyed it. Yvonne was in my Spring 2010 Babies group on ravelry, so when I saw she had designed this lovely vest I snapped it up. She also dyes fabulous yarn. I will post up a picture of it later in the week once it has had a nice blocking.

I also forgot to post Eoin’s blue mittens, which I completed after Conor’s ‘Merica Mittens. He never wears them on his hands, but his winter outfit would not be complete without them dangling from his coat…

He swings them like helicopter rotors

Also, for ME after all those mittens was a delightful hat with Miss Babs yarn I picked up in Nashville after Thanksgiving. I’m not ordinarily very “out there” but the yarn spoke to me (it was called “A Pox on You” and the whole household had just been laid low by the annual Thanksgiving flu).

Rainbow Trout by Kelly Brooker in Miss Babs Kaweah (click on image for pattern)

This hat is so warm. I wore my Roar hat instead the other day and felt so cold! I love the pops of purple and the fact that I made something for MYSELF with yarn that was already a treat for myself in Nashville. It has been a real bright spot in a dull and dismal snowy February.


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