Conor Turned 5

I still can’t believe Conor has turned 5. We got to savor it over a Friday birthday and Sunday party, so it allowed it to sink in by the end!

My 5-year old

We had spaghetti as requested for dinner, then ice cream, and the birthday train given us by Conor’s grand-aunt Susanna. On the Sunday we had a bunch of school friends come over and fight crime.

Little slugger

Utility belt cake

The cake turned out very well. I made my usual Peerless Chocolate Cake from my Fannie Farmer book and I didn’t overcook it so it was lovely and moist. We had games of Save Batman Frozen in Ice and Save Batman Wrapped in Gift Wrap but most of the time the kids just played really well together without any adult involvement! I can certainly grow to like these older kid’s birthdays if it continues like this!



  1. Look at all those happy, smiling faces – it looks like the birthday party was a huge success! Happy 5th, Conor!

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