Back in November and December we got fresh cranberries from our farm share. I had already made cranberry sauce, so I got more creative with the second batch… My Martha Stewart Living magazine had a recipe for a cocktail using a “shrub”, a vinegarized syrup. You cooked cranberries, vinegar and sugar just until the sugar dissolved, then cooled it down and added it to a LOT of bourbon and some soda. I absolutely LOVED this drink and thought about posting on the blog, took pictures and everything, but I thought it might have been too random to share…

Fig. 1 Random

Now, in this deep snowy winter, in the absence of any real shrubs in my garden (see Fig. 2), it is time to resurrect shrubs AND cocktails…

Fig. 2 No shrub in sight

My friend Teresa has been getting out to winter farmers markets in search of fresh color and flavor to help her survive this gray winter. She remembered how much I raved about my new shrub discovery when she chanced upon a shrub tasting!

Fig. 3 Transported back to Fall flavors

Our recipe needs some refining (we just added bourbon and soda), but this was delicious and such a delight! Thank you Teresa!



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