Preparations for a Birthday Party

Conor wants a Batman birthday party this year. We have been working on lots of little projects to make it special. I will show you the favors (Perler bead bat signals, fleece capes) another day, but here are some things the boys have been helping with.

Conor wanted a Batman “plahna” (pinata) so we did our first ever papier mache project.

This should be fun!

Batman dried for a few days then we stuffed Twixes and M&Ms inside him.

Next up is black and yellow paper

Conor also wanted to make a “bad guy” to attack from this huge box from new shelving. He is into watching Minecraft on youtube right now, so he wanted to make a “creeper”.

Painters in action

I am pretty excited about this party, though it will be a lot of work turning my house into a Batcave… I’m hoping that all the hard work will be in the preparation, so I’ll just be able to enjoy the party once it comes… It’s also helping me not think about the fact that Conor is turning FIVE!


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