Little Pink Cardigan

You would think with all this snow that I was getting a lot of time to knit, but with Papa’s knee surgery it has fallen upon me to do all the snow blowing and shoveling. I haven’t had much time to knit! Also, with everyone stuck inside it is all I can do to keep some tiny semblance of cleanliness around here.

Additionally, with my husband recuperating from surgery and having a lot of time off we have had a lot more time to play games. It has been fun trying out some of his Christmas haul, but I wish I could invent something that would allow me to hold cards/game pieces and knit at the same time! It’s a pity our hobbies are so mutually exclusive…

My cousin just had a baby so once I found out that a little girl had arrived I went looking at my Sirdar Snuggly stash and found a gorgeous dusky rose that I picked up in Cape Cod I think. Perfect!

I used the free Provence Baby Cardigan pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. I added the lace detail to the sleeves and back thanks to a helpful project note from a fellow Raveller. I love it.


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