Snow Removal

Massachusetts has been battered in the past week by a blizzard with two feet of snow and another foot has fallen today. We are starting to feel closed in by snow mountains on every corner. Navigation is now through snow tunnels only.

During the blizzard I got very few photos. I was very busy with the snow blower and shovel because Papa had just had surgery on his knee. A couple of days later I finally got around to documenting the sheer amount of snow we got.

I also got out with Conor and built him a little sledding hill on our front steps. Wise Eoin has had nothing to do with any of this snow and stays inside with Daddy…


So cue another foot of snow today. It will continue into this evening but we were hoping to go about our business tomorrow so I got a headstart and cleared a lot of it out. It is still snowing hard so there will probably be 3 more inches to clear tomorrow. Still easier than a foot!!!

If you look at this photo you can see I started over to the left and by the time I did the right side and also had taken a detour to dig my neighbor a way back into his driveway there was already about an inch gathered where I had just dug out!!!

Conor came out for a little bit, but it was very cold. He loves to attack the wall of snow with various “weapons” (baseball bat, water squirter, snow shovel). But his latest way to help me is with his own “snow blower”:

Push power


One comment

  1. Love the front step luge – cool! Can I come try it out? Ha! Glad to know you’ve all survived the latest round of snow. Send Connor over with his snow blower! Hope Wystan is doing okay and healing quickly.

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