USA Hockey, 2024

With Boston being put forward by the US Olympic Committee for consideration for the Olympics in 2024, I knew it was time we checked out some local sports that some home turf/ice knowledge would benefit from when these boys are in their prime sporting careers!

The YMCA was having a free skate at a local rink right at Patriots kick-off time so there was a low turnout. Perfect for two first timers and a momma who hadn’t been on the ice in 20 years, and that was one time in Dolphin’s Barn!

The boys LOVED it. Now I’m scrambling to get Conor lessons before the season is out…

Check out the video by clicking on the picture (you’ll need a computer to view it):

Crashing Crates

Post script: My clever sporting husband reminded me that the WINTER Olympics are in 2020 and 2026! I’m such a doofus! Still, you never know with climate change…


One comment

  1. Cute! There are a few outdoor (free) ice rinks in my town (bring your own milk crates!). From the vantage point of the camera, it appeared you were still standing and not sprawled out on the ice – VERY impressive! 🙂

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