Keeping Busy

We are  beginning to embrace the more-or-less forced indoors habitat that Winter is heralding. The boys are enjoying more Playdoh and crafts these days.

Water painting

And Conor is learning to knit

I have a lot of projects on the go right now, which always makes me uneasy. Take a look at all my project bags!

Conor’s “knitting”, mystery project, cross stitch growth chart, finished project to be put away, current project

I guess it is not as bad as it seems since two of those bags do not count as projects (however the big blue bag has two unfinished projects in it!) I have been choosing quick projects (without sleeves!) lately, because many friends and family have babies due over the next few months. I recently finished an Abagail Sweater by Kay Squared with Plymouth Dreambaby DK for Nico’s baby due in January. I also just finished my first Milo by Georgie Hallam, also in Dreambaby DK, for a neighbor’s shower tomorrow. Both projects took less than a skein of Dreambaby DK for the 6 months size! Karen made Eoin a gorgeous Milo two years ago, so I knew it would be incredibly cute and useful. I immediately cast on another one for another neighbor due in April. They like Star Wars, so to make it sufficiently different from their next door neighbor I will add an R2D2 motif. I made two flannel blankets for those neighbors’ babies too. It has been an age since I made those blankets so I got great satisfaction out of such a quick and cute project.

Abagail, Milo, Alligators for Milo 1, Puppies for Milo 2

Next up is a project for my cousin’s baby, due very soon (I am waiting for gender on that one… I think I will make something with sleeves since the baby will be residing in England!) I also want to make a red hat for Conor (requested!!!) and a blue hat for Eoin (requested!!!) I am so thrilled to have actually gotten a request from my boys! Conor was seriously bummed when I was making a purple baby sweater, when he wanted a red hat. Score! I also want to make more progress on the growth chart in time for the boys’ birthdays in February and April. A lot of work!!!

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